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Hydra Annihilate BA 5L

Hydra Annihilate BA 5LPriced From:  £47.21

  • Cleans up heavy soiling, smoke residues, body fluid, blood prevents cross infection.
  • Use safely on material polypropylene, paint work, neoprene, rubber, nylon, metals etc.
Hydra Annihilate Total

Hydra Annihilate Total£75.00

  • Effective against avian flu, foot and mouth, used for general orders against other viruses.
  • Natural colour indicator for optimum disinfecting, stops infection and cross infection.
Hydra Arctic Windscreen DEICER (Deicing Spray)

Hydra Arctic Windscreen DEICER (Deicing Spray)Priced From:  £22.38

  • Quickly clears frozen windscreens, headlights, side mirrors and windows down to -50°C.
  • Get a good clear windscreen without annoying wiper squeaks, streak free finish.
  • 100% pure spray equivalent to 6 large aerosol cans, safe paintwork, rubber or plastic.
  • All Pack Sizes (Excl. 210 Litre) comes complete with Hand Sprayer, FOC.
Hydra Arctic Windscreen WASH

Hydra Arctic Windscreen WASHPriced From:  £18.58

  • Premium winter windscreen WASH protects washer lines from freezing down to -40°C.
  • Helps prevent windscreen refreezing, Improves driving visibility repels rain, sleet and snow.
  • Leaves windscreen sparkling clear, WASH fluid cuts through grime & dirt.
Hydra Bio Blast SC (Wide Spectrum Water Steriliser)

Hydra Bio Blast SC (Wide Spectrum Water Steriliser)£102.77   £77.08

  • Destroys bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms incl. Legionella.
  • Use in water tanks, fire appliances, hoses, sprinkler systems.
  • Keep water tanks sterile & destroys offensive odours.
  • Bio Blast SC is non-caustic and non-toxic.
Hydra Blitz V2 (Foaming Processor Cleaner)

Hydra Blitz V2 (Foaming Processor Cleaner)Priced From:  £16.47

  • Foaming processor cleaner, scale remover for heaviest developer and fix build-up.
  • Leaves metal gleaming. Hydra Blitz V2 is often called Hydra Sprint V2's big brother.
  • Available in 1L foaming bottle for spot cleaning.
  • Available in 5L bottle for soak tank cleaning.
Hydra Blu-Brite (Perfumed Toilet Cleaner)

Hydra Blu-Brite (Perfumed Toilet Cleaner)Priced From:  £8.08

    • Pleasantly perfumed, thick toilet descaler and cleaner, cleans and descales in one.
    • Clinging action dissolves scale, cleans urinals, toilets, baths, shower heads, sinks etc.
    • Kills bacteria, leaving sparklingly sanitised area, safe on chrome ande stainlesss.
Hydra Caravan Cleaner (Motorhome & Caravan Cleaner)

Hydra Caravan Cleaner (Motorhome & Caravan Cleaner)Priced From:  £10.00

  • Use for cleaning all motor home, caravan, cruiser and narrow boat hard surfaces.
  • Make tough cleaning jobs effortless and you get sparkly shining surfaces.
  • Use on painted surfaces, fiberglass, plastics, decking, acrylic surfaces even glass.
Hydra Defoam 250ml (Photographic Defoamer)

Hydra Defoam 250ml (Photographic Defoamer)£28.06   £21.04

Photographic de-foamer, anti-foam for E6 processing solutions equivilant Kodak defoamer.

Hydra DSC-100 (Developer / Silver Remover, 6x1L Complete Pack)

Hydra DSC-100 (Developer / Silver Remover, 6x1L Complete Pack)£132.17   £99.13

  • 3 Part System Cleaner
  • Rapidly Removes Chemically Bonded Silver & Emulsions
  • Used in all  types of film and paper processors within following industries
  • NDT, graphic arts, reprographic, mini-labs, professional labs, PCB industry
Hydra EBD Legionella Eco Biocidal Disinfectant 5L

Hydra EBD Legionella Eco Biocidal Disinfectant 5LPriced From:  £35.95

  • Kills harmful Legionella, Bacteria & Viruses
  • Environmentally friendly disinfectant degrades to oxygen and water
  • Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide ideal for sterilising water systems
  • Versatile use in fogging machines, soak tanks and spray applications
  • No residue on disinfected surfaces and no harm to environment
Hydra Edi-Chlor

Hydra Edi-ChlorPriced From:  £37.07

  • Includes 14%-15% of stabilised liquid sodium hypochlorite removes stains and de-odourises.
  • Ideal to use as food processing disinfectant in both closed (CIP) and open facilities.
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Page 2 of 5:    53 Items