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Hydra Guard ACR (Hard Surface Disinfectant Cleaner)

Hydra Guard ACR (Hard Surface Disinfectant Cleaner)Priced From:  £33.13

Destroys Bacteria, Viruses, Moulds, Harmful Micro-Organisms & Protozoan's including Giardia Lamblia.

Hydra Edi-Chlor

Hydra Edi-ChlorPriced From:  £37.07

  • Includes 14%-15% of stabilised liquid sodium hypochlorite removes stains and de-odourises.
  • Ideal to use as food processing disinfectant in both closed (CIP) and open facilities.
Hydra Amber Equine 250 ml (Horse Skin Steriliser)

Hydra Amber Equine 250 ml (Horse Skin Steriliser)£15.19   £11.39

  • Horse skin steriliser unique herbal formula includes iodine derived from sea kelp.
  • Protects against ticks, foot rot, mud fever, rain burn, ringworm, sweet itch, scurf etc.
  • The protective epidermal layer of the skin remains unharmed after application.
Hydra Annihilate Total

Hydra Annihilate TotalPriced From:  £75.00

  • Effective against avian flu, foot and mouth, used for general orders against other viruses.
  • Natural colour indicator for optimum disinfecting, stops infection and cross infection.
Hydra Midas Equine (Horse Coat Shampoo)

Hydra Midas Equine (Horse Coat Shampoo)Priced From:  £9.99

Multi benefit horse care skin and coat shampoo with herbal conditioners. One product that cleans, conditions and heals. Promotes healthy, glossy coat, and healthy skin tissues. Low lather property allows easy rinsing leaving behind shiny coat, untangled mane and tail.


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items