Basic Septic Tank Conversion Unit with Medo Piston Pump - 20-75 People

Basic Septic Tank Conversion Unit with Medo Piston Pump - 20-75 People

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Medo Piston Pump Service Kit

Filter - Push on straight connector

Filter - Outlet straight connector

Filter - Push on T-Connector Housing

Septo Air Biological Media

  • Aeration unit improves BOD discharge septic tanks, bio treatment plants
  • Introduces aerobic bacteria which digest heavy black slime blockages.
  • Kit: air pump, air hose, fixings, pump, diffuser, outlet filter, bio media, instructions
  • Warranty 12 months, yearly change/clean air filter

Features & Advantages

  • Most economic treatment system in UK
  • Gives rapid results and easy to install within 1 hour.
  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 203 x 165 x 153mm
  • Helps soak away fields to work efficiently for longer.
  • System includes high quality diffuser.
  • Introduces and encourages aerobic bacteria to act upon the effluent inside the septic tank.
  • Aerobic action clears away the bio matt, which hampers proper degradation of the incoming waste.
  • Incorporation of sufficient biological media allows better degeneration of the effluent.
  • Effective working even in high water levels.
  • Low maintenance product, requires maintenance only once a year.
  • Avoid rotten egg smell coming out of your septic tank caused by production of toxic gases


Hydra® Basic Septo-Air System includes robust air pumps, EPDM sleeved air diffusers to allow self cleaning, biological media and an organic bacteria starter pack to kick start the system with added advantage. In addition the system includes all fixtures required for mounting the parts inside the tank along with a 30m braided air hose and outlet filter. The conversion system simulates the city sewage treatment plant, therefore the latest technology from hydra effectively rectify the overflowing septic tanks. This is achieved through the regular introduction of air in the septic tank via diffuser. Abundance of air encourages aerobic activity, which is very effective in treating incoming waste and removing existing bio mat layer due to anaerobic action. Installation of Hydra Septo air system magically reduces the water levels in your septic tanks and riddance from the foul smell.

List of Models and Capacities
Litres Air per hour
Noise Level db.
Diffuser Size
No of Persons
BOD 24hr Gram
Hydra Septo Air SEPA0060
45 watts
Hydra Septo Air SEPA0080
60 watts
Hydra Septo Air SEPA0100
80 watts
Hydra Septo Air SEPA0120
90 watts
Hydra Septo Air SEPA0200
230 watts


Installation Requirements

  • Basic Septo-Air System <20 People is an easy to install product. Easy to follow, installation instructions accompany the product delivered at your doorstep.
  • Drill holes in the septic tank to secure hose and diffuser.
  • The air hose should be connected to the air pump on one end while the other end is connected to the air pump.
  • Plastic septic tanks, fibre glass septic tanks and concrete septic tanks would each require different types of fitting material. All fittings are supplied by us.
  • To get best results plan the installation of basic septo-air system after emptying and cleaning of the tank.

How to Install

  • Simple to install : Drill holes for hose and anchor bolts in septic tank, place diffuser in tank connected to anchor bolts, connect hose from diffuser to air pump and plug into mains supply. We supply different fittings for fibreglass or plastic tanks. Full installation instructions are enclosed with each installation kit. We recommend that your system is emptied and cleaned before fitting the Hydra Septo Air System.

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