Hydra Bio Accelerator  (Soil & Ground Water Remediation)

Hydra Bio Accelerator (Soil & Ground Water Remediation)

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  • Slow release oxygen, boosts degradation of Hydrocarbons in soil and water
  • Aids growth of aerobic bacteria for enhanced bio remediation
  • Long life granules, continue slow release of oxygen for months
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats up to 350g Hydrocarbon

Brand:  HYDRA

Features and Advantages

Solid & Ground Water Remediation Treatment

  • Hydra Accelerator degrades Organic Contaminants found in soil or groundwater
  • Soil & Groundwater Remediation
  • Use for Enhanced Aerobic Bioremediation
  • Slow Oxygen Release Agent
  • Use to Treat PAH's, MTBE's, Phenols, Non-halogenated Volatile Solvents, Some Halogenated
  • Compounds, BTEX & Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons
  • Very low solubility in water which allows the product to continue to release its active oxygen content for many months


Hydra Bio Accelerator is used for enhanced aerobic bioremediation. This is a process in which organic contaminants found in soil and/or groundwater are degraded by indigenous or inoculated microorganisms, transforming them into innocuous end products.
Enhanced bioremediation with the use of Bio Accelerator is achieved through the extended-release of oxygen into the sub-surface, to supplement the rate-limiting oxygen requirement by aerobic micro-organisms.

The most common pollutants that can be treated include:

  • BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes).
  • MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether).
  • TPH (total petroleum hydrocarbons) from light and heavy fuel oils.
  • Non-halogenated volatile solvents such as methylethylketone, methanol, ethanol, acetone, ethyl acetate, acetonitrile, tert-butyl alcohol (TBA), etc.
  • Phenols such as phenol and cresols.
  • PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) such as naphthalene and methyl naphthalenes. Some halogenated compounds such as vinyl chloride (VC), chlorobenzenes, pentachlorophenol (PCP), etc.
  • High explosives.
  • Heavy metals can also be oxidized using Hydra Bio Accelerator

All these advantages result in a very slow oxygen profile for Hydra Bio Accelerator which translates into enhanced bioremediation. Many factors affect successful bioremediation using Hydra Bio Accelerator.

These include:
Hydra Bio Accelerator has very high active oxygen, typically 17.3% or higher.
Hydra Bio Accelerator has a proven extended oxygen release profile. In remediation, the duration of oxygen release depends upon many factors including soil type, its pH and buffering capacity, kind of contaminants and their concentration, the presence of other organics or metals in the soil, etc.
The stability of Hydra Bio Accelerator is also a factor of its formulation. A stable product does not release its oxygen immediately in contact with water. This would result in premature loss of oxygen before injection, which leads to excessive foaming. Hydra Bio Accelerator is a very stable product with very little foaming propensity when mixed with water.
Hydra Bio Accelerator complies with the Food Chemicals Codex for food use. Its high degree of purity further reduces its rate of decomposition and avoids contamination of the environment.
Hydra Bio Accelerator has a very low solubility in water which allows the product to continue to release its active oxygen content for many months.
Particle size
Small particle size is most suitable for producing a homogeneous slurry. It is also essential when the product is to be injected into the soil allowing for greater horizontal penetration in the soil without clogging the pores. The low particle size distribution of Hydra Bio Accelerator enables efficient injection into the soil.

Other Applications

In agriculture it is used:

  • As fertilizing rich with oxygen
  • For stimulating seed growth and their germinating power
  • For pre-sowing treatment of rice seed, which allows doing planting not by seedlings, but by dry seeds - such a technique sufficiently decreases work expenditure and increases crop capacity

In cattle-breeding it is used:

  • For prophylaxis of casein-stone formation in the abomasums and diarrhoea with newborn calves
  • As an anti-microbic effect
  • For stimulating protective organism strength
  • For the normalizing activity of the alimentary canal
  • For activating digestion work.
  • For great increasing live-stock safety

In poultry-raising it is used:

  • To decontamination of fodder
  • To increase productivity
  • Hens safety and improving their eggs

In the bakery industry it is used:

  • To improve bread crumbs and their porosity
  • To keep moisture in dough during its baking
  • To initiate yeast growth

In aquaculture it is used:

  • Provide sufficient dissolved oxygen
  • To adjust pH value
  • To reduce the subaqueous content of ammonium and nitrogen
  • To eliminate carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphate
  • To prevent and/anaerobe from proliferation and destroying nosogenetic bacteria, defecating aqueous body of water

In precious metal production it is used:

  • For leaching precious metals in the formation of cyano complexes (particularly complexes with gold or silver) from ores, ore concentrates, and other particle-shaped, solid materials.

In waste water treatment:

  • Stops bad odour in sludge / municipal drains / industrial waste water caused by toxic and inflammable hydrogen sulphide
  • Improves dissolved oxygen in water by continuous and slow release of oxygen
  • Destroys organic compounds and reduces COD and BOD values in effluent waters
  • Neutralises acids in waste water
  • Precipitates heavy metals from industrial waste water.
  • Precipitates phosphate from water
  • Improves settling of sludge in clarifiers.
  • Improves dissolved oxygen in water by continuous and slow release of oxygen.

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