Hydra Bio Compost (Soil Conditioner)

Hydra Bio Compost (Soil Conditioner)

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  • Multiple natural bacteria strains, speeds up natural composting action
  • Oxygen booster helps the natural aerobic breakdown of fresh material
  • Produces a fine 100% organic compost
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats up to 50 wheel barrows of fresh material

Brand:  HYDRA

Features and Advantages

Biological Accelerator for the production of fine natural compost

  • Biological Compost Accelerator
  • Produces Fine Natural Compost Suitable for All Plants
  • 100% Organic Material
  • Introduces Bacteria, Fungi and Oxygen Agents
  • Accelerates the Degradation of Vegetable Matter & Carbohydrate.


100% organic Hydra Bio Compost accelerates the degradation of vegetable matter and carbohydrate waste to produce the highest quality compost. Ideal for professional manufacturers, parks and gardens, Management Companies and private individuals.

Use On
Hedges and small shrubs clippings; lawn mowing; dead leaves; pruning wastes; fruits vegetables and flowers etc; plus household organic green refuse. Hydra Bio Compost is a new compost accelerator that is a natural biocatalyst, it also contains slow release oxygen agents which stimulates micro-organisms to speed up the composting process. It is a compost accelerator that will break down all your household and garden waste naturally to produce high quality rich compost that is ready to use.

The Product and its Purpose

Hydra Bio Compost is a granular powder which rapidly degrades effluents with a predominantly carbohydrate content. The bacterial and fungal strains in the product ensure complete degradation of such materials.

Accelerated Action

When Hydra Bio Compost is used for composting the process is accelerated and the compost produced is of a consistent quality fully organic and biodegradable. The product is homogeneous and safe to use. Prevents the anaerobic digestion process that generates malodorous compounds and will deodorise any foul odours. It does not contain any pathogens.

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