Hydra Bio Growth - Plant Growth Enhancer

Hydra Bio Growth - Plant Growth Enhancer

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  • Vastly increases plant growth rates, by enhancing symbiotic fungi growth
  • Boosts oxygen levels in soil surrounding root systems in water logged earth
  • Use for plants, shrubs and trees
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats up to 50 plants, 25 shrubs, 13 trees

Brand:  HYDRA

Features and Advantages

Biological Treatment to Enhance Plant and Root Growth

  • Vastly Increases Plant Growth Rates
  • Increases Healthy Roots by Enhancing Symbiotic Fungi Growth
  • Slow Oxygen Release Agent
  • Maintain and protect healthy plant roots
  • Soil amendment in agricultural, horticultural and forestry applications
  • Tree Transplanting Applications.



Low oxygen in the soil can be generated in waterlogged soils due to heavy rainfall or bad irrigation techniques. For example, when rain guns are used on unstable soils, sand, silt or limestone, soils run together creating a seal that is impervious to oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Typically, soils that are low in organic matter are more difficult to aerate naturally. On the other hand, plants growing at high temperatures or under a lot of sunshine have very high oxygen demand at the roots.
Under these conditions, the lack of enough oxygen reduces root growth resulting in stunted growth, poor yields, lack of seed germination, etc.
Hydra Growth can be used for soil amendment in agricultural, horticultural and forestry applications. It will slowly decompose in the moist soil, generating oxygen and the corresponding hydroxide.

This can have the following advantages:

Modify the soil’s biological activity as follows:

  • Enhance enzyme diversity.
  • Speed aerobic and biological activities at high moisture conditions.
  • Support healthy roots by enhancing symbiotic fungi growth
  • Maintain and protect healthy plant roots
  • Improve the hydraulic conductivity of the soil allowing more efficient movement of oxygen and nutrients.
  • This effect is especially useful in heavy soils.
  • Give plants the ability to absorb more water and nutrients and use them more efficiently

Tree Transplanting

Transplanting seedlings in forestation, or five to seven year-old trees for park and lawn decoration, is far from being 100% successful. Many trees die from “post operational shock.” The almost complete loss of its radicals, the transfer into an unfriendly, inhospitable environment and the lack of appropriate care in this period of heavy stress are very often fatal to the transplant. 
Very often the lack of sufficient oxygen for the weakened root system in a compacted and/or waterlogged soil is the main cause of death. By ensuring that the root ball gets a steady and long lasting supply of oxygen the impact of transplanting is alleviated and the tree becomes well established.
It assists the tree to acclimatize more quickly by helping strong radical development. This will lead to enhanced growth and may enable the tree to reach mature status earlier.

Hydra Bio Growth contains:

Selected, naturally occurring, soil micro-organisms many of which are capable of interactions with plants together with slow oxygen release agents.

Microbial Content

The product contains 8 strains belonging to the Azotobacter, Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Rhizobium and Chaetomium genera. The component strains include both aerobic and facultative organisms. The total viable count in the ready to use product is not less than 5.0 x 108 cfu/g.

Product Performance

The product has a two-way action to enhance plant growth. It stimulates the growth of plants directly by improving the nutritional status of the root environment. The product also greatly diminishes and often eliminates altogether the incidence of attack by pathogens such as Pythium and Botrytis.


Hydra Bio Growth is suitable for application to a wide variety of plant food. Cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, capsicums, ornamental flowers and herbs are just some of the varied plants which have benefited in field trials with Hydra Bio Growth.

The trial

A test was conducted for 2 years using oak trees stripped of their leaves for transplanting. The trees were 2.5m high and 0.1m in diameter. No fertiliser was applied during the test period.

  • Dig a hole large enough to contain the root ball easily. For this test, the hole was 50cm in diameter and 40cm deep.
  • With soil, mix 300 to 1000g of Hydra Bio Growth.
  • Position the tree securely.
  • Fill the hole with the Hydra Bio Growth enriched soil.
  • Firm the soil well.
  • Water abundantly.

Design of the plot area

The total area was 16m long equally divided into 4 columns. The total area was 4m wide.

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