Hydra Bio Loo (Toilet Cleaner)

Hydra Bio Loo (Toilet Cleaner)
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Brand:  HYDRA

  • Eco-friendly toilet cleaner to descale, deodourise and disinfect surfaces
  • Use on toilets, bathroom tiles, urinals, spa baths, jacuzzi's, shower heads
  • Powerful biocides that kill off harmful microorganisms only
  • Shelf life 3 years, To clean direct the nozzle under the toilet rim

Features & Advantages

  • An environment friendly deodorizer and descaler to clean and disinfect washroom fittings and all sanitary ware.
  • Powerful cleaning action dissolves grime and scale without harming the surface or environment.
  • Natural oxidising process boosts the natural bacteria in sewage plants and septic tanks.
  • An effective deodouriser that breaks down bad odour causing sulphides. Added fragrance lingers after cleaning.
  • Single product that works on all surfaces including chrome, vitreous enamel, stainless steel, tiles, marble flooring, ceramics or stone.
  • Fast acting constituents dissolve and remove soap scum, body fat, mineral scale, lime scale as well as uric acid scale.
  • A potent disinfectant that removes off harmful bacteria and micro organisms (including verruca spores) that causes skin diseases.

How To Use

Note: Use Bio Clean disinfectant for the areas where scaling is not a problem.

  • Bio Loo is available in convenient to use 1 litre containers.
  • To clean toilet bowls, direct the nozzle under the toilet rim. Apply directly on the urinal wall's back.
  • To clean scaled surfaces/fittings of stainless steel, apply the product using abrasive sponge. Wait for some time until the scale dissolves or completely softens. Rinse with water.
  • To clean Jacuzzi's, baths, shower walls or sinks apply using bath sponge and rub to get rid of scale or any other deposition. Rinse of using clean water.
  • To brighten and shine chrome or stainless steel fittings apply Bio Loo with the help of sponge. Rinse away with water.

Full instructions on the label.


Bio Loo is an eco-friendly toilet disinfectant cleaner to give you clean and germ free toilet areas.

  • Disinfects: Bio Loo effectively protect from many skin disease causing bacteria and other germs.
  • Descales: Bio Loo removes unsightly mineral scale deposits and grime from sanitary ware, fittings and floor.
  • Deodorize: Bio Loo contains pleasing perfume that leaves your bathroom area fragrant. It also breaks down bad odour creating sulphides.
  • Eco friendly: Bio Loo helps the growth of natural bacteria residing in the sewage systems and septic tanks. Unlike other cleaners that removes of the favourable waste reducing microbes, Bio Loo promotes their growth and aids in effective waste treatment.  

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