Hydra Bio Waste 500 (Bacteria Enzyme Treatment)

Hydra Bio Waste 500 (Bacteria Enzyme Treatment)

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  • Breaks Down: Carbohydrates (Starches), Cellulase, Grease, Fats & Oils
  • Contains Enzymes +12 Bacteria Strains
  • Speeds Up Natural Bio Degradation For Food Processing Waste
  • Other Pack Sizes Available.

Brand:  HYDRA


For the fast breakdown of organic matter, fats, grease and food production waste.

Contains non-pathogenic bacteria with additional free enzymes that breakdown waste far quicker than bacteria alone.

Highly effective treats the type of wastes that are normally difficult to treat.

Faster breakdown of organic material results in reduction of harmful gases and flies, making the tanks cleaner and safer to manage.

How To Use

  • Add 1 kilo Hydra Bio Waste 500 into the tank.
  • Repeat daily until the 8x1 kilo pack has been used.
  • For large storage systems stir, spread or mix over the tank surfaces.
  • Avoid if possible sending large amounts of acids or alkalis into the system. Temperature enhances the action of Bio Waste 500 as long as it does not continually exceed 46 ºC. The lower the temperature, the lower the speed with which the waste is broken down.

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