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Hydra Biocide RWS - Recirculating Water Broad Spectrum Biocide
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Hydra Biocide RWS - Recirculating Water Broad Spectrum Biocide

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  • Effective biocide and fungicide, controls microbial growth
  • Gives long lasting protection
  • Kills harmful Legionella, Pseudomonas, Bacteria & Viruses
  • Contains highly effective Bronopol and Isothiazalones
  • Used in Chillers for Cooling Water, Cooling Tower Water, Machine Cooling Systems, LTHW, Open Cooling Systems and as a Central Heating Biocide
  • Fully effective at pH 2 – 10 and temperatures up to 90°C

Brand:  HYDRA

Hydra Biocide RWS is a stabilised bronopol and Isothiazalones blend of biocides. Ideal for all heated and cooled water systems which are recirculating and where a 100% kill rate must be guaranteed. Will disinfect water systems against Legionella and other harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The biocidal effectiveness of Hydra Biocide RWS is effective against a broad-spectrum of harmful water-borne bacteria including; Legionella spp, Pseudomonas spp, Staphylococcus spp, Bacillus subtillis, Klebsiella pneumonia. It is particularly effective against anaerobic sulphate-reducing bacteria.

It also provides protection against slime, bacterial and fungal contamination which often cause blockages in both closed and open water systems, whilst preventing unpleasant smells, and corrosion within the system. Ensuring a smooth and efficient operation of the water system.

Microbial slimes easily choke systems, these slimes can cause corrosion, this slime also protects the reproduction of harmful bacteria such as legionella. Bacteria can also destroy corrosion inhibitors creating pseudomonas anaerobic bacteria creating fouling and generating corrosive hydrogen sulphide which has the typical rotten egg odour.


The isothiazolones utilizes a two-step mechanism involving rapid inhibition (minutes) of growth and metabolism, followed by irreversible cell damage resulting in loss of viability (hours). Cells are inhibited by disruption of the metabolic pathways involving dehydrogenase enzymes. Critical physiological functions are rapidly inhibited in microbes, including growth, respiration (oxygen consumption), and energy generation (ATP synthesis). Cell death results from the destruction of protein thiols and production of free radicals.

Whilst Bronopol causes membrane damage, it also acts on enzyme activity, reacting with cell constituents and has a chemical reaction oxidation action with cysteine, glutathione and proteins as its primary action.



As a cooling system cleaner and cooling tower maintenance product, this cooling tower cleaner helps prevent cooling system blockages. It is the best cooling tower water treatment for eliminating cooling tower legionella, also highly effective in low temperature hot water system, in machine cooling and as a central heating biocide.


Always dose a clean system, if system is dirty then dose at initial dose rate to deep clean system, circulate and leave in situ for 24 hours. This is a crucial step ensuring that biofilm (which helps harmful micro-organisms to survive) is removed from pipework etc, ensuring that only clean bacteria free water is in your system. Then discharge the dirty water and refill with clean water, then add at initial dose rate for your application.

Chilled Water & LTHW Systems

Initial Dose Rate: 200 – 500ml / 1000 litres of system volume. Every 3 months: Repeat initial dose rate. Monitoring: Use microbial dip slides to check general bacteria level of less than (TVC) 103 cfu/ml.


Open Cooling Systems

Initial Dose Rate: 200ml / 1000 litres of system volume (repeated regularly as required).

Open Evaporative Cooling Systems

The required frequency of biocide dosage will depend on the retention time of the cooling system and tendency of the system to become contaminated with nutrients. These nutrients will encourage microbial growth. Initial Dose Rate: 200ml / 1000 litres of system volume. Repeat Dose Weekly - Long Water Retention Time: 200ml / 1000 litres of system volume. Repeat Dose Twice Weekly: - Short Water Retention Time 200ml / 1000 litres of system volume. Monitoring Weekly: Use microbial dip slides to check general bacteria level is less than (TVC) 103 cfu/ml. Monitoring Quarterly: Test for legionella bacteria using our legionella test kits.


Central Heating System

Initial Dose Rate: 500ml / 1000 litres of system volume.

Repeat Yearly Dose Rate: 500ml / 1000 litres of system volume.        

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