Hydra Blu-Brite (Perfumed Toilet Cleaner)

Hydra Blu-Brite (Perfumed Toilet Cleaner)

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  • Pleasantly perfumed, thick toilet descaler and cleaner, cleans and descales in one.
  • Clinging action dissolves scale, cleans urinals, toilets, baths, shower heads, sinks etc.
  • Kills bacteria, leaving sparklingly sanitised area, safe on chrome and stainless.

Brand:  HYDRA

Features & Advantages

  • Thick, perfumed toilet disinfectant and cleaning product. No need to buy different products for disinfecting and de-scaling the toilets. No need to buy bleach separately.
  • Clinging action dissolves scales and removes bacteria, leaving behind sparklingly sanitised area.
  • Quick and efficient on porous as well as non-porous surface. Strong formula removes soiling, uric acid scales, stains as well as algae.
  • Cleans urinals, toilets, baths, shower heads, sinks, and taps. Safely shines up chromium and stainless steel fittings in washrooms.
  • Available in 1 litre bottle for easy application.


Hydra Blu-Brite is an all in one de-scalar, disinfectant and cleaner. The product eliminates the need of using different product to clean and disinfect various surfaces around the wash rooms. Thick formula and clinging action ensures that the product sticks to the surface and does not flow away or washes off before dissolving scales and stains.

Hydra Blu-Brite is suitable to use on various surface around the bathroom including ceramics, tiles, marble steel and chromium. Use Hydra Blu-Brite to clean and dissolve scales, grime, soap scum, lime scale, body fat, uric acid build ups and mineral scale in single application. Hydra Blu-Brite is powerful product and its swift acting formula removes germs and disinfects on contact.

Hydra Blu-Brite leaves your sanitary ware sparklingly clean and germ free. It effectively destroys harmful bacteria and various skin disease causing microbes including verruca spores. Hydra Blu-Brite sanitised bathroom/toilet prevents cross infection and prohibits bacterial growth.

Refreshingly perfumed Hydra Blu-Brite acts upon the very cause of bad odour producing sulphides and leaves behind lingering pleasant perfume after cleaning.

How To Use: Hydra Blu Brite

Hydra Blu-Brite is available in 1 litre container for convenient application in hard to reach areas in urinals and toilets, which often remain neglected and become a breeding ground for infection causing bacteria and germs.

Direct the nozzle of the Hydra Blu-Brite bottle under the toilet rim or onto the back of the walls of urinals. Hydra Blu-Brite is a thick formula and its clinging action allows the product to stick and remain active even after several flushes.

To clean bath areas, Jacuzzi's, sinks and shower walls, take out the product on a sponge and work over the required area to quickly remove body fat, scales and soap scum. Rinse off with water.

To shine up and de-scale stainless steel/chrome fittings, apply using an abrasive sponge, cover up the entire surface of the fitting using a small brush. Leave for a while until scales are dissolved or softened. Rinse off using clean water to show scale free shining surface.

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Hydra blu-brite
22 August 2019  | 

Excellent product recamend it to anyone it does what it says it does cleans and disinfects perfectly fantastic thanks a lot


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