Hydra Diesel Power Blast Injector Cleaner Fuel Additive

Hydra Diesel Power Blast Injector Cleaner Fuel Additive
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Brand:  HYDRA

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  • Reduces Fuel Consumption
  • Reduces Diesel Smoke & Odour
  • Reduces All Harmful Emissions
  • Cleans Injectors, Pumps etc.
  • Prevents the Formation of, and Removes Existing Deposits Caused by Carbon
  • Free 1L Empty Dosing Bottle with 5L Diesel Power Blast


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Modern engines after only 20-30 hours, can lose as much as 5% of their power and fuel efficiency through deposits building up inside the injectors. These deposits affect the smooth flow of injected diesel fuel, reduces your fuel economy and makes cold starting of your engine more difficult.


Cars, vans, trucks, buses, trains, boats, generators, earth moving vehicles, military vehicles, etc., can be used in all types of diesel engines including 2 and 4 stroke.


By utilising new developments in detergent technology Hydra Diesel Power Blast ensures a complete internal engine clean, down to molecular levels. Existing carbon and unburnt fuel deposits are rapidly removed from injectors, valves, etc., giving the engine as new performance.


The problem with diesel fuel used in boats, generators, farm vehicles, etc., is that very often this fuel remains in the fuel tank for extended periods before being used. As many of us are aware this fuel starts to degrade after only 4 weeks, leading to long term problems and inefficiencies (in a car it is normally used within a week or two). Hydra’s stabiliser and biocide active ingredients ensure that your fuel remains sweet and stable for much longer.


Modern high pressure direct injection engines use precise fuel metering through narrow shaped spray channels. Injector deposits mean reduced fuel flow. 100% clean injectors give optimal fuel spray pattern, this results in a very finely atomised spray pattern.

This means that each finely dispersed particle of fuel is surrounded by many molecules of air (20% oxygen) ensuring a more complete burn. Giving better fuel economy, reduced emissions and improved engine durability.


Hydra Diesel Power Blast’s nano-molecular catalyst ingredient introduces additional oxygen to the fuel, this catalyst lowers the auto-ignition fuel temperature, giving a longer burn time. You are now burning all the fuel instead of blowing some of it through the exhaust system where it will help clog the Exhaust Particle Filter if fitted. The net result is a quieter and smoother running engine with more mpg and reduced exhaust emissions.


Hydra Diesel Power Blast Injector Cleaner also contains lubricity improvers that decrease fuel pump and injector wear issues, they work in very cold climates and are very low in sulphur. Test results give a HFRR Wear Profile of less than 300. These lubricants also reduce the friction in the cylinder thereby improving the coefficient of friction and help improve fuel economy.

Hydra Diesel Power Blast Injector Cleaner protects your valuable fuel systems, prevents engine malfunction, and engine failures. Protects the fuel performance properties of EN590:2009 as well as specifications such as colour, heat of combustion, pour point and cloud point. Also prevents fuel starvation, damage to injectors and engines. Can be used in all grades of diesel fuel including B0 diesel and biodiesel fuels.


Independent Laboratory Tests proof that treated diesel still meets EN590:2009 the current EU standard for diesel fuel, therefore your vehicle warranty is not affected by using Hydra Diesel Power Blast.


Hydra Diesel Power Blast gives a much smoother, quieter engine with less exhaust smoke, fuel remains stable whilst fuel consumption and harmful emissions are reduced to a minimum.


1st Application Dose Rate: 1:1,000 Use 10ml Diesel Power Blast Injector Cleaner to 10 litres of fuel.
Maintenance Dose Rate: 1:1,500 Use 10ml Diesel Power Blast Injector Cleaner to 15 litres of fuel.

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Monday, 11 January 2021  | 

This I excellent product itís making the engine quieter and smoother to run


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Good Afternoon,
Wednesday, 9 December 2020  | 

I received my order within 2 days of ordering, it was well packaged, items i ordered were in the package, i have used one of the fuel additives and it appears my car is running smoother now, very pleased with your Company, and the products you sell on Hydra Aqua,
Customer Service is Excellent.
Thank You, Hydra International.


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Tuesday, 8 December 2020  | 

Both the Isuzu and the Webasto on my boat are running much smoother, latter was sounding terminal', there was a big blue smoke first time I turned engine on, and that presumably was injectors cleaning.
Technical advice excellent (phone)
Sales and delivery excellent
Packaging excellent
Website good design
Videos suited to American hype market, but there is a big range of products, and I overcame my cynicism to buy. Product was recommended on a canal forum.
Note .... There were three products that suited my purpose which is why I phoned technical, it seems Diesel Boost will clean Webasto and engine, and stabilise diesel stored in tanks and in containers.
I have enough for a year, will purchase again


4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

Great Service
Tuesday, 1 December 2020  | 

Great service as usual!
I always recommend your fuel additives to other people because they do make a huge difference!


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Thursday, 22 October 2020  | 

Just to say a big thank you for the great service.
From order to packaging and delivery alway taking great care of me order.
I have fully enjoyed my shopping experience, A great product.

With Kind Regards

Wai Man Yip


4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

Ford Transit
Tuesday, 29 September 2020  | 

Good afternoon
Having recently purchased 3 products from you - firstly I was very impressed with the speed of delivery
I've only been using them for 1 week and I only drive approximately 70 miles per week!
Wow what a difference- I drive a ford transit which was 4 years old when I bought it 2 years ago - I have noticed an amazing difference in performance and mpg it seems to run quieter too!
I will definitely buy from you again
Many thanks


7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

Saved me £3000
Sunday, 6 September 2020  | 

Subaru told me my injectors were faulty and it would be nearly 3 grand to replace as it's an engine out job. I thought at the price I may as well try this first. After 1 month of use the smoke upon start up has all but gone and I'm getting 630-650 miles to a tank compared to 500 miles before use. I'm not saying this will work for everyone but it's been amazing for me and pretty much saved my car from the scrap heap


This review has not been appraised.

Wednesday, 2 September 2020  | 

Great product this is my second bottle of the Fuel additive from yourselves, my car has increased power cleaner emisions and increased by 5 mpg around town and 12 on a run.
Highly recommended best additive I have ever used, tried them all over the years but this one is far the best
Ticks all the boxes.A+A+A+A+A
P Grant


5 of 5 people found this review helpful.

Great for 16 y/o car
Wednesday, 2 September 2020  | 

Hi, my order arrived very quickly indeed. I have been using Hydra Diesel Power Blast Injector Cleaner Fuel Additive" for a few years now and I have never had any trouble when MOT time comes round. My 16 year old Peugeot 406 runs like a sewing machine and seems to have endless power.

I will continue to use this fuel additive for as long as I have this diesel and will continue to use it in any other diesel car that I may purchase.

I am very satisfied with the performance of this additive and how it keeps my diesel engine clean and performing well.

Many thanks.

Anthony Bamford.


This review has not been appraised.

Thursday, 30 July 2020  | 

Yes, everything is fine.


This review has not been appraised.

Read all 105 customer reviews...

Ques : Could you tell me if this additive is suitable for use with fully synthetic engine oil in Ford. Hydra Diesel Power Blast Injector Cleaner ?

Ans: This product can be used with engines using any type of oil including fully synthetic. However this product is not added to engine oil, but is added to the diesel fuel in your fuel tank.

Ques : Can I ask please if this will help my daughters mini diesel. It has the egr light on. Egr has been replaced, but intake is sooted up. If I get her this will it slowly get rid of intake soot ?

Ans: Yes, Hydra Diesel Power Blast will help to get rid of intake soot.

Ques : Hi, can I use this product simultaneously with dpf cleaner ?

Ans: Yes, you can. They are compatible with each other.

Ques : Hi, I used to use a similar product that increased Cetane and cleaned the fuel system but it is no longer sold and I was told about this stuff. Can you advise how much the Hydra Diesel Power Blast Injector Cleaner Fuel Additive boosts the Cetane level and can this be used in conjunction with Hydra 2-EHN Fuel Cetane Booster (at the same time) - I use a Honda Civic 2.2 Diesel 11 years old ?

Ans: Hydra Diesel Power Blast is an injector cleaner containing a cetane booster within the product so this is the only product you need. The cetane increase depends on the starting point of your fuel, please see data sheet for chart.

Ques : "Is this suitable for q3 2 lit engine" ?

Ans: Yes it is OK as long as it is the 2 litre diesel engine that you have, if it is a petrol engine then you need the Hydra Petrol Power Blast.

Ques : "Should I need to put every time I do fill up or only when I see black smoke??? My mechanic says is not good to use it every time." ?

Ans: It is OK to use on every refill, as that way you get the maximum fuel savings. It turns ordinary diesel into a premium grade for a fraction of the forecourt price, giving you the fuel reduction you get from using a premium fuel.

Ques : Hi...just wondering if this cleaner would be suitable for my 2L diesel Toyota Corolla. I've used the Wynn's Injector cleaner but at 6 quid be a pop seems expensive, so 20 ml of this stuff would be ok on a 20 litre fill up?...I usually put it in fuel when filling up at garage..would this be ok with your cleaner ?

Ans: Yes, It would be OK to use in your Toyota. But we do not recommend to use with any other companies product directly present in the fuel as we do not know what is in their product.

Ques : I have a Citroen C4 Picasso 07 plate - it seems to have a DPF. Should I use Diesel Blast every fill (as I do now) with DPF cleaner every now and then or would having the two cause a problem ?

Ans: Yes, You can use Hydra Diesel Power Blast on every fill. Can be used together with DPF Cleaner every now and then, using them together will not cause a problem.

Ques : Hi there I've got a VW Golf mk6 1.6 tdi ok how good is this Hydra Diesel Power Blast Injector Cleaner Fuel Additive and does it clean the turbo too ?? I might call you guys up soon ?

Ans: It is an excellent product, it will also clean and parts of the turbo that the fuel mixture goes through.

Ques : Salve posso sapere correttamente il dosaggio del prodotto nel combustibile Il mio serbatoio e 52 litri quanti ML devo aggiungere? I numeri che sono nel collo della bottiglia sono in ML? Translation: Hi I can correctly know the dosage of the product in the fuel My tank and 52 litres how many ML do I have to add? The numbers that are in the neck of the bottle are in ML?

Ans: You have to add 34.66ml. Yes, the numbers that are in the neck of the bottle are in ML.

Ques : It serves as anti-smoke treatment for the ITV ?

Ans: No, it’s a diesel engine injector cleaner.

Ques : Apart from the price, what's the difference between your Cetane Booster and Power Blast additives? I've been using a Chemsearch additive (K Gard) in my Shogun and it makes a very significant all-round improvement ?

Ans: The cetane booster is purely that, i.e. it increases the cetane rating of the fuel you are using. The diesel and petrol power blaster products as well as containing cetane/octane boosters, also contain detergents which clean your complete fuel system. This includes injectors and exhaust components, ensuring that your engine receives finely atomised fuel, ensuring a much better fuel burn (each molecule of fuel is surrounded by molecules of oxygen). Your engine is now smother and has more power / torque with reduced fuel consumption.

Ques : I was hoping to get some more information on the above products. Is the recommended dosage for every refuel or is there a maintenance cycle per mileage etc ?

Ans: To get best results, use on every refill as they contain either cetane or octane as well as detergents, this turns standard fuel into a premium grade, the extra fuel savings made more than pay for the price of the product, see labels for details on diluting.

Ques : "Is it put in fuel tank." ?

Ans: Yes, the product Diesel Power Blast is used in the fuel tank only.

Ques : Can I use this for storing diesel? If so how long is it good for ?

Ans. For diesel storage it will help stabilise the diesel fuel for up to 2 years. To prevent bacteria growth on long term storage we would also recommend Hydra FuelPlus Multi-Biocide.

Ques : Can you please tell me how to use Hydra Diesel Power Blast. I mean do I have to run the car on certain rpm after putting this in the tank ?

Ans. Add to fuel tank and drive your car as normal. First application use 10ml per 10 litre diesel fuel, subsequent refills use at 10ml per 15 litre diesel fuel.

Ques : I wanted an actual user to tell me about Hydra Diesel Power Blast. Does this actually work or is just snake oil with fake labels ?

Ans. I used this Hydra Diesel Power Blast additive because my engine was not smooth, would stop abruptly at tick over, and was bumpy. Added product and could feel the difference within five miles of ride. Subsequently, with every full tank I add this. Engine power has improved a lot and driving is much smoother.

Ques : Does the injector cleaner work in diesel transit vans too ?

Ans. Yes, I used Hydra Diesel Power Blast in my1999 Passat tdi after 210,000. Soon notice more mpg. I am sure, will work for transit diesel van.

Ques : What quantity of Hydra Diesel Power Blast should be added to half a tank of diesel? I prefer not to fill up the full tank ?

Ans: We would recommend to measure out the recommended dosage for half the tank as per the instructions on the label.

Ques : Would Hydra Diesel Power Blast also clean up the fuel filters ?

Ans: No, if fuel filters are dirty they need replacing. However, it works well to clean injectors, pistons and inside of the head and helps prevent choking of DPF.

Ques : I use the Diesel Power Blast on every fill up in all the diesel vehicles I use and was wondering whether there is any point in adding the DPF additive periodically. I am aware the Power Blast really works well and whether to add the DPF additive as the PB seems to be doing everything. I look forward to your technical advice on this one ?

Ans: Unless your DPF light comes on, there is no need to use the DPF Cleaner.

Ques : I own Nissan Qashqai 1.5 dci. How to use Hydra Diesel Power Blast for its engine? What quantity should I add at one time and how often should I repeat the dosage? Can I add in Shell Fuel Save Diesel Engine too ?

Ans: Use this fuel additive in any type of diesel engine. Add before you refuel. For a 75 litres tank add just 50ml once. Add every time you refuel. A one litre bottle will last you for 20 full tank fill ups for a 75 litre tank.

Ques : Can I add Hydra Diesel Power Blast directly to my petrol tank ?

Ans: No, for petrol engines you need Hydra Petrol Power Blast. Hydra Diesel Power Blast is for diesel engines only.

Ques : Is there something like overdosing with Hydra Diesel Power Blast? I think I miscalculated the quantity and have poured too much of it. Till now noticed nothing but will it harm the engine ?

Ans: It will not harm the engine but overdosing is just a waste of this fuel additive.

Ques : How frequently should I use Hydra Diesel Power Blast? I think adding it once a month should serve the purpose ?

Ans: To get maximum benefits, add Hydra Diesel Power Blast to the fuel tank every time you fill, this will ensure you achieve maximum fuel saving.

Ques : Does Hydra Diesel Power Blast give results as claimed in the engine of Nissan QQ 1.5.2011 ?

Ans: Yes, Hydra Diesel Power Blast is effective with Nissan QQ 1.5. I have been using it over three months now in my car. The difference? Smoother engine and fuel economy. I guess the system is clean now.

Ques : Is Hydra Diesel Power Blast suitable for non-turbo diesel engines ?

Ans: Can I share my experience with you for all my non-turbo cars I have owned in the past. It certainly improves the quality of the fuel. Buy one bottle and observe for yourself, no harm in that.

Ques : Should I discontinue using Hydra Diesel Power Blast as I recently got a particulate filter fitted in my car ?

Ans: Rather Hydra Diesel Power Blast will aid to the functioning of particulate filter (DPF). This diesel fuel additive minimises smoke emission that clogs the filter.

Ques : Is Hydra Diesel Power Blast meant only for 1.5 dci engine or does it work well with regular Shell diesel engines too ?

Ans: I have used this product on Xtrail 2.2 engine. I could feel the difference, engine is quieter for starters and I drive more miles for same gallons. Also smoke emission is lesser than what I could see last year when I drove without this additive. So I guess it is not only meant for 1.5 dci engine, I am sure it works well with regular Shell diesel engines too.

Ques : Does the Diesel Power Blast contain a cetane booster? If yes then how much does it raise the cetane number please ?

Ans: Yes, Hydra Diesel Power Blast contains cetane booster. Hydra Diesel Power Blast boost fuel cetane up to 5 numbers. We also have another product Hydra 2EHN Fuel Cetane Booster to boost fuel cetane number up to 8 points. For more info please Click Here.

Ques :How often should you put the Hydra injector cleaner/power boost in your tank as I put my first 50ml in last full tank and I am due to fill up again tomorrow. I do a lot of miles so can I add every time I fill up or is it every few weeks/months ?

Ans: The Hydra Diesel Power Blast Injector Cleaner needs to be used every time you re-fill or top up the fuel tank. So yes, you can use every time you fill up but please make sure the tank is at least 10% full before you add our additive.

Ques :I am buying this product from you. Can you say to me I more detail how to use it ?

Ans: Add Hydra Diesel Power Blast to fuel tank then top up with new fuel. Fuel tanks being treated should be at least 10% fuel. Usual maintenance dose at 1:1,500. For heavily fouled engines use at 1:1,000 on first application only.

Ques :I am about to buy a 2006 2.8d Fiat Ducato motorhome which has not moved in 7 years! It's done 27,000 miles. What would you recommend to get everything to work well again ?

Ans: Using Hydra Diesel Power Blast injector cleaner and dose at 1:1,000. We have another product Hydra FuelPlus Biocide to kill and protect fuel from microbial contamination, mould, bacteria, fungi etc, the biocide would be worth adding if the fuel in the tanks is old.

Ques :Can you suggest how should I use Hydra Diesel Power Blast ?

Ans: Add Hydra Diesel Power Blast to your full fuel tank before or after refuelling. Dose at 1:1,000 (1ml per litres of diesel) the first time y use it. On subsequent refills dose of 1:1,500 (1ml per 1½ litre diesel).

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