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Hydra DSC-100 (Developer / Silver Remover, 6x1L Complete Pack)

Hydra DSC-100 (Developer / Silver Remover, 6x1L Complete Pack)
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Brand:  HYDRA

  • 3 Part System Cleaner
  • Rapidly Removes Chemically Bonded Silver & Emulsions
  • Used in all  types of film and paper processors within following industries
  • NDT, graphic arts, reprographic, mini-labs, professional labs, PCB industry

Features & Advantages

  • DSC-100 is a powerful and fast acting and non-fuming three stage developer system tank cleaner.
  • Clean developer rack and tanks rapidly. Remove silver and silver oxide.
  • DSC-100 clears away silver build up from the wash racks.
  • Fast action and easy cleaning. Leave within the developer rack in the tank for improved results.
  • Cleans developer tank pipe work and pumps. Enhances working efficiency of the processors.
  • Each pack includes Part A: 2 litres cleaning solution; Part B: 2 litres cleaning solution; Part C: 2 litres neutraliser.

Note: contact us for quantity discounts.

How To Use

Makes up to 40 L of working solution with the dilution ratio of 1:10.

See product label for dilution rates and complete usage instructions.


Hydra DSC-100 is a fast acting non fuming product that rapidly removes chemically bonded silver from rollers, racks, tanks and pipe-work within 45 minutes to 1 hour.

DSC-100 also removes accumulated silver from wash tanks, wash racks, stabilizer racks, and tanks.

Important: DSC-100 should not be used for cleaning bleach/fix tanks and racks.

DSC-100 acts immediately upon contact and offers fast and easy deep cleaning. The racks may be taken out and cleaned separately from the processor using DSC-100. Use DSC-100 with the developer rack left within the tank. This method of cleaning clears up developer tank pumps, pipe work and aids in better functioning of the processor.

Use DSC-100 to prevent the contamination of fresh chemistry due to previous chemical build up in tanks or on racks. DSC-100 improves the work efficiency and adds to the life of the developer.

Follow the instructions regarding usage rates, dilution and usage method provided with the product.

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