Hydra EBD Legionella Eco Biocidal Disinfectant 5L

Hydra EBD Legionella Eco Biocidal Disinfectant 5L
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Single Syringe Legionella Test Kit

Industrial Legionella Test Kit

Brand:  HYDRA

  • Environmentally Friendly Disinfectant
  • Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Kills harmful Legionella, Bacteria & Viruses
  • Used in fogging machines, soak tanks and spray applications
  • No residue on disinfected surfaces and no harm to environment

pdf Datasheet (Eco Biocidal Disinfectant) - Click here

pdf Legionaires' disease Guide - Click here

Hydra EBD is a stabilised hydrogen peroxide disinfectant used in all heavy-duty applications where a 100% kill rate must be guaranteed. Ideal for disinfecting all water systems against Legionella and other harmful Bacteria and Viruses.

The elemental oxygen (O²) separated by the hydrogen peroxide attacks the cell walls of the micro-organism directly. This chemical reaction between the oxygen and cell wall molecules cause these to be denatured and destroyed. Eliminating any possibility of resistance by the micro-organism.

Perfect for medical, laboratory and veterinary applications or any application that requires a broad spectrum disinfectant.


Contains 30% Hydrogen Peroxide which is a very effective biocidal agent, meaning it kills all types of microorganisms when it comes into direct contact with them. It is a strong oxidising agent and kills microorganisms through this mechanism.

Ideal for highly contagious germs like bacteria, bacterial endospores, yeasts, moulds, fungi, viruses (all types), viruses enveloped (influenza, corona virus).


When Hydra EBD is diluted with water the hydrogen peroxide molecule  becomes unstable and will dissociate into its component parts which are water and oxygen. Therefore there are no residues on disinfected surfaces and  nothing to harm the environment, in soak tank applications used product can go straight to drain.


Used in fogging machines, soak tank and spray applications.



Disinfection Shock Treatment: 1000ml/m³.

Maintenance Dose: 25-1000ml/m³.

Leave to stand for minimum 4 hours.


(Dilute 1: 5.7 = 15% solution)

Cold Fogging: Use 8-15ml/m³ exposure min 2 hours.

Hot Fogging: Use 10-20ml/m³ exposure min 2 hours.


Average organic load: 1:30 (3%).

Heavy contaminated surfaces: 1:15 (6%).

Highly contaminated areas with high organic load, to eliminate viruses and endospores 1:10 (10%).


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