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Hydra Edi-Chlor

Hydra Edi-Chlor
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Brand:  HYDRA

  • Includes 14%-15% of stabilised liquid sodium hypochlorite removes stains and de-odourises.
  • Ideal to use as food processing disinfectant in both closed (CIP) and open facilities.

Features & Advantages

  • Constituents include concentrated sodium hypochlorite and stabilising agents for longer storage life and efficacy.
  • Specially formulated as a safe and effective cleaning alternative for use in food industries.
  • Environmentally safe, non-foaming formula, suitable for application in high pressure or turbulence typical of C.I.P systems.
  • Terminal disinfectant, suitable for spray, soak or manual applications in automatic dosing of CIP or open plant cleaning process.
  • Includes stain removal and de-odourising properties.

Quantity discounts and larger packs available. To avail the benefits please contact us before placing the order.

How To Use

Dilution:: 1:500 w/w

To use Edi-Chlor as a terminal disinfectant/steriliser for all surfaces: Spray or wash surfaces to be treated, such as walls, floors, equipment, with Edi-Chlor solution. Air dry the treated articles/surfaces.

To use Edi-Chlor upon utensils, work surfaces: Wipe food preparation surfaces and utensils with Edi-Chlor solution (diluted). Leave to dry. The cutting equipment may be soaked in the diluted Edi-Chlor solution for approximately one minute. Take out the soaked articles, rinse off and dry.

To use Edi-Chlor in CIP systems: Use cold water to pre-rinse the tanks. Dilute Edi-Chlor with water according to suggested rates and allow the solution to circulate for up to 30 minutes. Afterwards run to waste. Follow up with rinsing process using clean water and drain.

To use Edi-Chlor for removing algae: Apply Edi-Chlor solution on affected surfaces using mop, spray or sponge. Scrub the surface and rinse off with water.


Edi-Chlor is an effective, highly concentrated, oxidising disinfectant. The product is widely used for disinfecting and sterilising purposes in abattoirs, catering, food industry and kitchen. Edi-Chlor removes off heavy mould and algae growth upon all hard surfaces such as stainless steel, glass, coated or painted surfaces and concrete.

Edi-Chlor uses 140,000ppm available chlorine, which provides broad spectrum bactericidal properties to the product. The unique formula controls most vegetative forms of microbes (except mycobacterium). No cases have been reported of microorganisms developing resistance to the product.

Edi-Chlor is free of chlorinated solvents or any other unacceptable additive by the water authorities. The product is de-activated immediately after rinsing to drain pipes. Edi-Chlor is completely environment safe.

The non-foaming property of Edi-Chlor makes it suitable to use in C.I.P systems with turbulence or high pressure conditions.

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