Hydra Freezer Floor Cleaner & Maintainer

Hydra Freezer Floor Cleaner & Maintainer

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  • For Commercial Freezers & Cold Stores
  • Rapidly Cuts Through Years of Dirt & Tyre Marks
  • Manual or Floor Scrubber Application
  • Safe In All Scrubber Dryers
  • Use At Temperatures down to –35°C

Brand:  HYDRA

Up to now, it has been impossible to effectively clean floors in cold stores and freezers without emptying them of their contents and bringing the ambient temperature to above 0°C.

Now Hydra’s breakthrough technology changes that by providing a product that is food safe and works down to –35°C. This highly concentrated blend of safe solvents designed for use on Deep Freezer Floors will rapidly break down years of dirt build-up and tyre marks.

For very dirty floors, it can be used as a pre-spray as well as for normal maintenance jobs.


  • Always use NEAT do not dilute with water as this would raise the products freezing temperature.
  • Cordon off the work area.
  • Apply manually through a pressure sprayer and leave to penetrate for 5 minutes.
  • Then use a scrubber dryer without a vacuum but with black pads fitted, travel over the area at full pressure and a slow walking pace, and repeat until dirt starts to break up - DO NOT VACUUM.
  • Now apply the product through the scrubber dryer with the vacuum applied and with black pads fitted, travel over the area at full pressure and slow walking pace; repeat this process if necessary.


  • Remove the scrubber from the freezer every 20 minutes, removing any dirt/sludge, and dry it off to prevent freezing.
  • KEEP AREA CORDONED OFF as the floor will take 60-90 minutes to dry due to the low temperature in the freezer and will remain slippery until dry.
  • After the process has been completed, wash the scrubber thoroughly and rinse the tanks with clean water. Store the scrubber dryer outside of the freezer at an ambient temperature.

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