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Glass & Window Frame Cleaners

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Hydra Frame Clean (Frame Cleaner)
Hydra Frame Clean (Frame Cleaner)
£61.31   £54.37

Solvent degreaser with a very high evaporation rate. Removes pen, pencil and felt tip.

Hydra Glitter (Glass and Lens Cleaner)
Hydra Glitter (Glass and Lens Cleaner)
£57.42   £50.93

Single swift action wipes away finger marks, grime, dust and grease. GLITTER glass and lens cleaner is available in trigger spray bottle for easy application. Anti-static properties repel dust and keep the GLITTER cleaned surfaces squeaky clean for long.

Page 1 of 1:    2 Items
Featured Reviews
My Daisy is blossoming
06 June 2021  |  Jessica

I have had Daisy flowers in my garden for years now, and this year I have decided to give a go to fertilizer. I have been a Hydra customer for a while now, and I know they have quality products and great service, and when I saw that they have a new fertilizer product for sale I decided to give it a shot. SO GLAD I DID - my garden looks so beautiful this year - and I have been using it for only a week! Cannot recommend it enough!

Was skeptic, but its brilliant!
24 May 2021  |  John

Hello guys
What can I say, over the years I have used products that claim to kill off blanket weed, so when I used your product it was used with some scepticism, well, that was short lived, it done exactly what it said on the tin (or should I say bucket), it made the pond look messy for about 24 hrs, after that, it was obvious that it was doing its job, brilliant, and only too happy to recommend, the fast delivery was appreciated.
John Burden

08 December 2020  |  Jo

Both the Isuzu and the Webasto on my boat are running much smoother, latter was sounding terminal', there was a big blue smoke first time I turned engine on, and that presumably was injectors cleaning.
Technical advice excellent (phone)
Sales and delivery excellent
Packaging excellent
Website good design
Videos suited to American hype market, but there is a big range of products, and I overcame my cynicism to buy. Product was recommended on a canal forum.
Note .... There were three products that suited my purpose which is why I phoned technical, it seems Diesel Boost will clean Webasto and engine, and stabilise diesel stored in tanks and in containers.
I have enough for a year, will purchase again

Definitely worth it
07 November 2020  |  Anamaria

Let me be clear here, I am a natural sceptic. This product sounded nice, but I wasn't bought right away.
I am driving 10 years old Volkswagen Golf, MK6. Also, I am a young driver, and I didn't think I was going to notice any difference.
Boy, was I wrong. I added the first dose ever, I notice a difference within the first 10 minutes of driving. My engine was smoother, and when going really slow in second gear, instead of my engine struggling and sounding like it was going to stall, it was pushing me forward.
Also, next morning, instead of the usual first 5 mins being very loud when turned on, it was again, smooth and silent, like it was turned on for some time.
This product is amazing, I am definitely using this in the future. Price is affordable and worth every penny. I would give 10 stars if I could.

Saved me 3000
06 September 2020  |  Stuart

Subaru told me my injectors were faulty and it would be nearly 3 grand to replace as it's an engine out job. I thought at the price I may as well try this first. After 1 month of use the smoke upon start up has all but gone and I'm getting 630-650 miles to a tank compared to 500 miles before use. I'm not saying this will work for everyone but it's been amazing for me and pretty much saved my car from the scrap heap

Saved me 3000
06 September 2020  |  Stuart

I had a problem with white smoke puffing out my exhaust on start up. Subaru said it was diesel injectors and quoted 3000 because its an engine out job. I bought the diesel injector cleaner and after 1 month of use the smoke has all but gone. I was averaging 500 miles to a tank and since using this I'm now getting around 630 miles to a tank. I'm not saying everyone will be as lucky as me but for the cost of this product it's been amazing. Pretty much saved my car from the scrap heap.

02 September 2020  |  P

Great product this is my second bottle of the Fuel additive from yourselves, my car has increased power cleaner emisions and increased by 5 mpg around town and 12 on a run.
Highly recommended best additive I have ever used, tried them all over the years but this one is far the best
Ticks all the boxes.A+A+A+A+A
P Grant

24 July 2020  |  Simon


I own two cars both diesel BMW GT 65 plate and van Mercedes sprinter 15plate for work.

The BMW is smoother and very responsive and to the Van I have to say I always have used to have a DPF issue Add hydra has made the van easier to drive and quite its a both cars very well serviced and looked after.

I work in a depot to deliver news papers in the night with 90 vans a night and a lot of people are asking why we have quite van me and my cousin Mr Chiyanjano styler he introduced me to hydra.

If I had capital I would be placing an order and sale on but everyone that I have introduced the hydra product is talking and thanking me for the introduction to the product.

Sale some units in Scotland or have a sales rep this side.

Thanks for the wonderful product


Great service
20 July 2020  |  Paul

Yes I would like to share my views with you and feel free to use them in my name.
I was impressed with the speedy service. Even when one parcel went astray with the courier you contacted me and it was sorted within 24 hours which is good service. It is great to know that the service is there to sort everything out when things go wrong. I am the manager of a sauna and we are about to re-open so I shall be re-ordering Hand Sanitiser frequently and t is good to know that I have a company who can supply our needs quickly.
Thanks again
Paul Town

Hand Sanitiser
18 July 2020  |  Allan

Very good service. I was told delivery within 48 hours and it was there unlike most all other organisations these days.