Hydra Glitter (Glass and Lens Cleaner)

Hydra Glitter (Glass and Lens Cleaner)

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  • Single swift action wipes away finger marks, grime, dust and grease. GLITTER glass and lens cleaner is available in trigger spray bottle for easy application. Anti-static properties repel dust and keep the GLITTER cleaned surfaces squeaky clean for long.

Brand:  HYDRA

Features & Advantages

  • Keep most surfaces around the house sparkling, clean and dust free. Use upon VDUs, mirrors, glass,lens, tiles, windows, plastic, chrome, ceramic, Formica, marble, stainless steel and all hard surfaces where polishing is not required.
  • Unique formula with anti-static properties prevents dust to stick to the surfaces, keeping the cleaned surface dust free for longer time.
  • Cleans, sterilises and shines up bathroom surfaces including mirrors, porcelain and tiles.
  • Safe to use on kitchen tables, platform/food preparation surfaces.
  • Non-aerosol formula. No propellants or fillers added i.e. pure liquid without any gases to reduce wastage and provide instant cleaning in single wiping movement.
  • Environment friendly as well as economical.

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Glass, lens, mirrors, table tops or kitchen counters are left with finger marks, grime streaks and dust settled upon them. Most house hold cleaners are not suitable to use on dining tables or food preparation surfaces in the kitchen because of harmful chemicals in them. Also, VDUs, printers, computer screens build up static electricity field, which catch dust particles easily and develop grime build up with frequent use. These surfaces also require cleaning agents that are non abrasive and safe.

Hydra GLITTER is all in one glass and lens cleaner that can be used on most surfaces around the house. Now you do not need different brands or cleaners to keep the house clean and shining. Use Hydra GLITTER on kitchen top to sterilise the surface as you clean it. The product does not contain harmful butyl or ammonia and includes cleaning agent to wipe off germs in single stroke. The anti-static formula keeps dust particles from resettling onto the cleaned surfaces keeping the display cabinets, glass, lens, mirrors, computer/laptop VDUs clean and streak free for longer.

Hydra GLITTER is safe to use on delicate surfaces too. The product is non-inflammable, abrasive free and environment friendly and does not contain any fillers or propellants.

How To Use

Spray directly from the bottle (includes spray head).

Spray upon the surface to be cleaned from a distance of 8-12 inches.

Wipe the surface using a dry cloth or paper.

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