Hydra Hassa Disinfectant Fluid 1 Litre

Hydra Hassa Disinfectant Fluid 1 Litre

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  • Pleasantly Perfumed Formaldehyde Free Formula
  • Suitable for Nursing Homes, Aircraft Lavatory & Chemical Toilets
  • Chemically Neutralizes and Destroys Toilet Waste and Odour
  • Treats Flush Water to Keep it Clean & Fresh

Brand:  HYDRA

Hydra Hassa Disinfectant has been formulated using new micro-technology, that rapidly breaks down toilet waste without using any hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde, which is highly toxic and can cause severe skin, eye and respiratory tract irritation.

Hydra Hassa Disinfectant reduces unpleasant odours and gas build-up in portable/ chemical toilets. It rapidly breaks down waste matter in toilet holding tanks to prevent clogging. Hydra Hassa Disinfectant leaves a protective film which helps to prevent deposits from sticking to the inside of waste tanks and toilet bowls. It contains low foam surfactants which during re-circulation stops the build-up of foam and allows easier disposal

Replaces the need to buy two products to treat the chemical toilet waste and flush water tanks. Simply dose the pleasantly perfumed Hydra Hassa Disinfectant into both the chemical toilet tank and flush water tank to keep the entire water system chemically treated and odour free.

Dilution Rate:

Portable Toilets/Porta Potties - Add 50 ml Hydra Hassa Disinfectant into every 10 litres water in holding tanks.

Waste Water /Drop Tanks - Add 60 ml of Hydra Hassa Disinfectant to each 10 litres of waste tank capacity.

Re-Circulation Systems - Add 4 litres Hydra Hassa Disinfectant to tank capacity of 300 gallons.

Flush Water Tank - Add 100 ml Hydra Hassa Disinfectant to 15 litres of flush water tank capacity.

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