Hydra Lawn Instant Green

Hydra Lawn Instant Green

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  • Instant coverage
  • Disguises unpleasant coloured lawn
  • Creates an aesthetically pleasing look to your lawn
  • Concentrated solution
  • Safe for pets and children once diluted

Brand:  HYDRA


  • Instant coverage
  • Creates an aesthetically pleasing look to your lawn
  • Designed as a coverup while your lawn repairs
  • Concentrated solution
  • Quick and easy application
  • Safe for pets and children


Hydra Lawn Instant Green is a pure pigment treatment designed and formulated to instantly green up your lawn.  It is important to note that this isn't a lawn treatment but a quick and easy cover-up for aesthetic purposes.

For a long-term fix, while using Hydra's Lawn Instant Green, we recommend using a mixture of lawn seed and Hydra's Sonic Green.  This combination will allow new growth in the treated patches and feed the newly scattered seed, giving it all the nutrients it needs to grow thick and strong.


Hydra Lawn Instant Green is the perfect quick fix to Instantly improve the aesthetics of your lawn and diminish the appearance of any patches and yellowing with a straightforward application.




Shake well before use.

There are two ways in which you can use Hydra Lawn Instant Green, one short-term solution and the other a long-term solution, both with the same goal of aesthetically pleasing green grass.

Short-term - Apply Hydra Instant Lawn Green to your entire lawn, instantly changing the appearance and aesthetics of your lawn.  Your lawn will appear greener, healthier, and thicker in an instant.

Long-term - Lawns that already have burnt and damaged patches, we recommend applying lawn seed and Hydra Sonic Green to the patches first before using Hydra Lawn Instant Green.  This will encourage regrowth where your grass needs a helping hand, while Hydra Instant Lawn Green covers the patches and discoloured areas.

Both ways are ideal if you want your lawn to look its best for an event!

Firstly, rake your patch(es) and apply grass seed.

Apply Hydra SonicGreen to your entire lawn and wait 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, simply add the ready-to-use solution into a sprayer and spray directly onto the patchy areas.

NOTE: Please wait at least 20 minutes after applying Hydra Lawn Instant Green before letting your pets and children near the treated area.


When To Use

We recommend using Hydra Lawn Instant Green when rain is not forecast, and your lawn is dry.  If the lawn is wet or damp, this could alter the results. and if it was to rain before your Hydra Lawn Instant Green application dried, it runs the risk of being diluted further, washed away, or even left streaky.

NOTE: If Hydra Lawn Instant Green is spilled on surfaces other than grass, rinse immediately and thoroughly, as this may cause staining.

How long do I have to wait after the application before my dog can go on the lawn?

Our formula doesn't contain any chemicals that will harm animals; however, please leave at least 20 minutes before letting your pet onto the lawn so that it gives the product time to seep in fully.

How long before I see a change in my lawn?

You will see instant results.

Will this work on the shady part of my lawn?

Yes, this will work on all parts of your lawn, whether in shade or sunshine.

Can this be used on freshly laid turf?

Yes, this can be applied to freshly laid turf.

Can I use this with a 5L sprayer?

Yes, we recommend using a sprayer to dilute and apply Hydra Instant Lawn Green to your lawn.

Do I have to Dilute this product with water before applying it to my lawn?

Yes, you can find the dilution rate in the 'How To Use' tab above.

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