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Hydra Ice-Eater Liquid 5L (Liquid Deicing Solution)

Hydra Ice-Eater Liquid 5L (Liquid Deicing Solution)
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Brand:  HYDRA

Superior grade liquid Ice melt thaws ice quickly and economically down to temperatures of -15°C

pdf Datasheet (Hydra Ice-Eater Liquid) - Click here

Product Features and Benefits

  • Works down to -15°C (5°F).
  • Prevents refreezing for up to 48 hours.
  • Works rapidly to melt ice and snow under extreme conditions.
  • Has up to 10 times more coverage than rock salt.
  • Harmless to vegetation when applied as directed.
  • Non-corrosive to concrete or metal.
  • Easily applied using a knapsack sprayer.
  • For best results remove any excess snow and spray Ice-Eater Liquid over the area of application.
  • Ice-Eater Liquid should be re-applied as necessary to prevent re-freezing. If there is heavy rain or snowfall, the product will need to be reapplied.
  • Use neat only.

 NB: For treatment rates, please read the label image above.


Are you looking for an alternative ice thaw solution to rock salt? If so, then you are joining the growing number of people choosing liquid ice melter de-icers over traditional rock salt. Hydra’s Ice-Eater Liquid is the premium choice for clearing roads, pathways, entrance ways and steps in a growing number of establishments including universities, schools, nursing homes, public walkways and business premises where rock salt or granules are not suitable.

Hydra’s Liquid Ice Melt ice thaw product delivers unparalleled melting performance at low temperatures.  It contains a unique calcium chloride blend melting ice and snow down to temperatures of -15°C and preventing refreezing for up to 48 hours. Ice-Eater Liquid ice melt has 10 times the coverage of traditional rock salt. Ice melter products like Ice-Eater can also be used in conjunction with Rock Salt to improve rock salt performance by lowering the temperature at which it can melt ice.
Ice-Eater Liquid ice thaw is supplied in a concentrated formula and can be used neat. It is non-corrosive and completely environmentally safe making it suitable for use in areas where salt based de-icers are not appropriate. It can be easily applied using knapsack sprayer or by simply distributing straight from the container. 

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