Hydra Bio Nutrient Booster 5 Litre
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Hydra Bio Nutrient Booster 5 Litre

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  • Multi-blend of NPK fertilisers, micro and macro nutrients to speed up bioremediation of hydrocarbons.
  • Provides necessary missing nutrients
  • Improves water retention and speeds up microbial remediation by 2 to 3 times
  • Simply dilute with water for ease of application

Brand:  HYDRA

When using biological methods for removing total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) the natural nutrients in the soil are soon exhausted by micro-organisms.

Nutrient limitations are the one major factor that hinders the success and speed of bioremediation. Since bioremediation depends on microbial process, there are two major approaches to speed up microbial activities in polluted sites, namely: bio stimulation and bio augmentation.

Bio stimulation involves the addition of nutrients such as Hydra Bio Nutrient Booster to polluted soil in order to stimulate the activities of autochthonous microbes.

As microorganisms are ubiquitous, it is apparent that pollutant degraders are naturally present in polluted sites, their numbers and metabolic activities may increase or decrease in response to pollutant concentration.


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