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Hydra Photo

Hydra Zebra Clean (Film Negative Cleaner)

Hydra Zebra Clean (Film Negative Cleaner)From:  £18.32

  • Safe Fast Drying Film / Negative / Emulsion Cleaner.
  • Rapidly removes marks and fingerprints, pen, pencil marks and mildew.
Hydra Sprint V2 (Processor Stain Cleaner)

Hydra Sprint V2 (Processor Stain Cleaner)From:  £15.33

  • Fast Acting Non-Fuming Foaming Processor Cleaner.
  • Rapidly removes Tar, Stains, Dyes, Glues, Developer & Polymer Residues.
  • Available in 1L foaming bottle for spot cleaning.
  • Available in 5L bottle for soak tank cleaning.
Hydra Algae Free/AD (Wash Tank Additive)

Hydra Algae Free/AD (Wash Tank Additive)From:  £111.00

Automatic dosing, algae slime sludge eliminator refills for Hydra ADE24/TX system

Hydra Algae Free/HD (Wash Tank  Additive)

Hydra Algae Free/HD (Wash Tank Additive)From:  £27.45

Manual Dosing Algae Slime Sludge Eliminator for wash and stabiliser tanks

Hydra Blitz V2 (Foaming Processor Cleaner)

Hydra Blitz V2 (Foaming Processor Cleaner)From:  £18.12

Foaming processor cleaner, scale remover for heaviest developer and fix build-up

Hydra DSC-100 (Developer / Silver Remover, 6x1L Complete Pack)

Hydra DSC-100 (Developer / Silver Remover, 6x1L Complete Pack)£109.04

  • 3 Part System Cleaner
  • Rapidly Removes Chemically Bonded Silver & Emulsions
  • Used in all  types of film and paper processors within following industries
  • NDT, graphic arts, reprographic, mini-labs, professional labs, PCB industry
Hydra ZX-100 (Deep Cleaner, 4x1L Complete Pack Only)

Hydra ZX-100 (Deep Cleaner, 4x1L Complete Pack Only)£107.80

  • Removes even Heavily Oxidized Developer
  • Fast Acting, Deep Cleaner For Mini-Labs, Professional Film & Paper Processors
  • Removes Bleach Scale & Soft Sulphur Deposit
  • Processor Deep Clean Leaving Racks in Machine
  • Processor Re-Furbisher Cleaner
                                                                                                                                                                                    10:00am to 4:00pm (Mon-Fri)
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