ADE24/TX Algae Free System + Cradle + 4x5L Algae Free/AD

ADE24/TX Algae Free System + Cradle + 4x5L Algae Free/AD

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  • Complete Automatic in-line dosing system
  • Easily fitted to all makes of NDT, Film and Paper Processors.
  • Keeps processor wash tanks crystal clean and free running 24/7
  • Easy to fit. Maintenance free. Last for years. Right Solution for All Processors.
  • Includes full fittings and solution holding Cradle.
  • Used with Hydra Algae Free/AD wash tank additive.
  • Limited offer: Currently supplied with 4x5L Hydra Algae Free/AD FOC

Brand:  HYDRA

Features & Advantages

  • Complete Automatic in-line dosing system. The right solution for all NDT, Film and Paper Processors.
  • Hydra’s ADE24/TX dosing system is used in conjunction with Hydra Algae Free/AD wash tank additive.
  • Keeps wash tanks, pipes and overflows crystal clean and Free Running 24/7.
  • Simply fit the ADE24/TX system & forget film build up and dirty wash tanks.
  • Stops expensive down-time & cleaning processor wash tanks.
  • Stops blemishes, spotting and tram lines spoiling finished work.
  • Stops slippage & jamming of rollers & blocked overflows or flooding.
  • Stops expensive retakes and downtime.
  • Complete, easy to install system includes full fittings and holding cradle for Algae Free/AD solution.
  • Hydra Algae Free/AD additive. Safe, Concentrated, Non-Corrosive & Biodegradable.

Description on How the ADE24/TX Dosing System Works.

Hydra’s ADE24/TX system is a small, compact auto dosing unit (auto dosing pump) which is only activated during the wash cycle of the processor. When the wash tank solenoid opens to allow fresh water into the processor a small amount of Algae-Free/AD is injected into the wash water whilst the wash tank is filling or re-filling. Once the rinse water stops the ADE24/TX system stops automatically. 

Each ADE24/TX system is supplied with a 24 volt DC relay. If your wash water solenoid requires a different relay either 110 volt AC or 230 volt AC please state when ordering.

The ADE24/TX unit automatically switches off between wash cycles and when the processor shuts down.   This ensures that the system is not only highly efficient but extremely cost effective.

Hydra Algae Free/AD Solution

This Highly concentrated cleaner, formulated to work in conjunction with the ADE24/TX unit. Algae Free/AD is injected at source, keeping the entire wash water supply, overflows and pipework crystal clean 24/7.  NB. Do not use any other solution through the ADE24/TX system as to do so may damage the system.

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