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ADE24/TX Algae Free System

ADE24/TX Algae Free System



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Brand:  HYDRA

  • System complete with 4x5L Algae Free AD bottles.
  • Complete automatic anti-algae pump system for film and paper processor systems.
  • Removes algae, slime and bio-film. Keeps wash tanks, pipes and overflows crystal clean 24/7.
  • Use in NDT (non-destructive testing), Photographic and CTP processors.

Complete Automatic Anti-Algae Pump System for NDT Processors. Totally Eliminates Algae Bio-slime from Processor Wash Tank

  • Hydra ADE24/TX System
  • Easy to fit. Maintenance free. Last for years.
  • Stops expensive processor downtime.
  • Removes algae, slime and bio-film. Stops algae re-growth.
  • Keeps wash tanks, pipes and overflows crystal clean 24/7.
  • Ensures finished work is clean and blemish free.
  • Compatible with all makes and types of processors.
  • Used in conjunction with Hydra Algae Free/AD.
  • Complete system includes fittings, cradle and 5 litres Hydra Algae Free/AD.
  • How does the Hydra ADE24/TX in-line system work? The system comprises of a compact dosing pump which is connected to the water supply feeding the processor wash tanks and the processors water solenoid.
  • As the solenoid opens to allow fresh water through into the tanks Hydra Algae Free/AD is automatically injected into the water at the source.
  • The treated water circulates throughout the tanks and pipe work keeping wash water clean and algae free 24/7.
  • The system only operates during water change and switches off when the processor is non operational this ensures that the Hydra ADE24/TX system is not only extremely efficient but highly cost effective.

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