Hydra Quarry Lake Shade (Quarry Water Dye)

Hydra Quarry Lake Shade (Quarry Water Dye)
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Brand:  HYDRA

  • Packed in 500g water soluble pouches for easy application
  • Helps prevent fatalities by making quarry water look unattractive & dirty
  • Dyed water is no longer appealing to visitors, swimmers or picnic goers
  • Deters trespassers from damaging expensive fencing.
  • Water remains black for the whole season.
  • 1 kilo treats up to 1000 cubic metres (Dilution Rate is 1 ppm)

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Features & Advantages

  • Packed in 500gm water soluble pouches for easy application
  • Perfect solution for quarry owners and local authorities to prevent people from trespassing in disused quarries, these people often disregard the warning signs.
  • Strong water dye gives a deep shade to the quarry waters and instantly camouflages the inviting waters. Dyed water is no longer appealing to visitors and picnic goers.
  • 500g Water soluble packing makes the application easier, instantly dissolves with no residues left behind.
  • Long lasting colour, thus frequent reapplications not required.
  • Quarry Lake Shade is non hazardous. Does not add to the toxicity of the quarry waters.
  • Protective gloves included with the pack.

Note:  Do not use with chlorine or any other product unless specified by Hydra International Ltd.


Hydra quarry water dye is a simple and cost effective method to keep the people from harming themselves in abandoned quarries. The quarry water may be seemingly harmless but often lead to damaging, and sometimes even fatal consequences to the unaware swimmers. Flooded quarry waters are often contaminated and there may be non-visible machinery left behind. Skin rashes and upset stomach are some common problem reported after swimming in quarry water. Sometimes swimmers hit upon hidden machinery and harm themselves.

Hydra Quarry Lake Shade alters the colour of the water and the water is no longer appealing for swimming purposes. People often break fences and do not pay heed to warning signs, but Hydra Quarry Lake Shade act as a natural deterrent to the people and keeps them away from using quarry waters for recreational purposes.

*Please note that all images are for illustrative purposes only, Actual colour may vary depending on pond water conditions.

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