Hydra Rapide (Lake Green Water Treatment)

Hydra Rapide (Lake Green Water Treatment)
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Brand:  HYDRA

  • Bacteria blend checks green algae and nutrient build up in lake waters
  • Eco friendly biodegradable product for green water treatment in lakes
  • Remains effective and releases oxygen in the water long after treatment
  • Shelf life 3 years, 20 Kg treats up to 1 acre

Orders over 100 Kg will be delivered by pallet. Please be sure you are able to accept a pallet delivery.

Features & Advantages

  • Fully biodegradable, non-organic base granules with unique self-mixing ability.
  • An effective lake algae treatment that maintains clean, clear and healthy water in lakes with fish and other aquatic living beings.
  • Acts as a slow oxygen releasing agent that allows the rapid growth and colonization of aerobic bacteria in the water body.
  • Ion exchange process absorbs phosphates and nitrites as well as various other pollutants to clear lake algae bloom and not letting them to return.
  • Easy application process includes broadcasting over the lake surface.

How To Use

 Usage Rates

Initial Treatment

  • 20 kg of Hydra Rapide treats 1 acre (4,000 sq. m) surface area.

Full instructions on the label


Hydra Rapide is an effective green water treatment product for large bodies of water.

  • The ion exchange process of the constituents in the product locks up phosphates (important for algal growth) and thwarts green algae in lakes.
  • Hydra Rapide is a blend of powerful bacteria with wide spectrum action that feeds on the extra nutrients present in the water thus outcompeting algae for food on which it thrives.
  • High silt deposits at the bottom of the lakes are responsible for continuous release of nutrients thereby allowing a nutrient build up in the water body. This nutrient build up is a perfect breeding ground for algae. Anaerobic bacteria present in the silt slow down the decomposition process of the organic deposits. Hydra Rapide slowly releases oxygen in the water over a long period of 4-6 months, allowing sufficient time and conditions for aerobic bacteria to colonize.
  • Aerobic bacteria acts much faster and more efficiently on the deposits and accelerates decomposition.
  • Every grain of Hydra Rapide contains multiple nano size holes providing vast surface area for the aerobic bacteria to colonize and hence better product efficiency.


Hydra Rapide effectively treats large water bodies including lakes. The product is completely safe to use and keeps the water clear and healthy without damaging the environment.

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