Hydra Remove 5L (Heavy Duty Cement & Concrete Remover)

Hydra Remove 5L (Heavy Duty Cement & Concrete Remover)

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  • Very effective and powerful Heavy Duty acid based cement and mortar remover.
  • Works effectively upon very stubborn, old and heavy deposits of concrete, white scale, cement.
  • Use on heavily scaled brickwork, cement mixers & building equipment.

Brand:  HYDRA


Hydra Remove is an effective acid cleaner. The product penetrates through tough deposits but its special inhibitors does not allow damage to the surface. Hydra Remove clears heavy cement and mortar stains infestations covering your walls and paving stones, making the pathway slip-free and clean. Hydra Remove is a highly concentrated solution but diluted solutions (as per the instructions) achieve desired results, therefore very economical to use.

Use Hydra Remove as a rust remover and effloresce remover (white stains). The unique formula of Hydra Remove includes wetting agents and penetrating agents that allow the product to infiltrate deeper and break the carbonate bond that holds the deposits (scaling and scum) together. Hydra Remove is formulated to act tough upon the heavy and old deposits, yet the matchless formula of Hydra Remove is tested to be safe upon application equipment (if used and diluted as per instructions).

Hydra Remove offers single-step cleaning with one application giving the desired results; therefore saves time and money.

Features & Advantages

  • Highly effective and powerful acid-base cleaner.
  • Great cement residue remover.  Renews heavily soiled building equipment, trucks, plant equipment.
  • Effective rust treatment. Penetrates through even hardened old deposits of cement, rust, concrete, scale and mineral deposits.
  • Old mortar deposits that are difficult to get rid of are easily removed with the use of Hydra Remove.
  • Hydra Remove penetrates and dissolves the carbonates that bind together scale, scum and other grime. Once the holding bond is loosened, deposits come off easily.
  • Do not use Hydra Remove on tin alloys or soft metals, aluminium and white metal.
  • Use as per the instructions to avoid damage.
  • Quantity discounts available.

Where to Use:

Use Hydra Remove in construction industry to remove mortar, concrete, and rust depositions from floors, building equipment and walls. Use as mortar cleaner.

How to Use:

In spray or brush method:

  • Use a concentrated from neat 1:5 with water.
  • Brush or use a sprayer to apply diluted Hydra Remove onto the surface to be cleaned.
  • Make a visual check and wait till the deposits come off the surface easily.
  • Rinse the surface thoroughly with water.

In immersion Method:

  • Prepare soak solution with concentration of 5% to 50%. Dilute using water. Use cold or hot water of up to 120 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Hot water and higher strength of the soak solution (as per the given instructions) may be used if deposits are tough or quick cleaning is required.
  • Leave the articles to be cleaned in the solution until all deposits are dissolved.
  • Take out the articles and rinse using cold water.

N.B. Always use the product in well ventilated areas. The product fumes due to higher concentration of acid. Should not be used neat upon galvanised surfaces, tin, stainless steel, zinc, aluminium and other similar surfaces.

Refer product label for full instructions.

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