Hydra Descale (Rust Scale Remover)
 Hydra Descale (Rust Scale Remover)Hydra Descale (Rust Scale Remover) 

Hydra Descale (Rust Scale Remover)

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  • Hydra Descale is a low foaming metal rust remover.
  • Use to clean lime scale build-up, mineral scale build-up, and rust.
  • Makes all processing equipment, including hot water troughs, tray washers, boilers etc.
  • No further rusting on treated surfaces.

Features & Advantages

  • Hydra Descale is a low foaming anti limescale and limescale inhibitor product.
  • Acts as metal rust protector. Hydra Descale covers ferrous metal surfaces with passivated phosphate films after treatment that acts as a barrier against rust.
  • Effectively removes scaling and rusting deposits.
  • Formulated for use in all types of processing equipment.
  • Effectively dissolves heavy proteins, lime scale, mineral scale and rusting.
  • Special formula for use manually (by hand or soaking method) or circulation cleaning method.
  • Low foaming formula makes it easier to rinse off.
  • Available in convenient 5 L packs and economical packing of 4x5 L.

Note:Quantity discounts available.

How To Use

Dilution Rates

To clean rusted parts: Apply neat or water diluted (1:50)

To clear blocked drains and pipes: Circulate neat

To descale boilers: use water diluted ( 1:3 or 1:4, depending upon scaling)

To clean tray/dishwashing machines: use water diluted (1:6 to 1:10)

Application methods

Make up Hydra Descale solution in required strength.

  • Spray upon the target surface follow by cleaning with water.
  • Mop the desired surface using Descale solution. Rinse/ mop with water afterwards.
  • Immerse articles with rust/scale deposition in the solution. Remove after all contamination is dissolved. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Use Hydra Descale with hot water (below 70 degree Celsius) for descaling dishwashing machines, tray washing machines, boilers. This speeds up the cleaning process. Allow sufficient contact time until all scaling or rust deposits are dissolved. Wash the treated surface thoroughly with water.

Always determine the required dilution rate before using to descale equipment. Treat a small area to assess approximate dilution required.


Do not mix this product with bleach or any other product.

Refer product label for full instructions.


Hydra Descale is an effective low foaming scale rust remover for metals. Low foaming formula allows easy rinse after treatment. The product leaves a passivated phosphate film on ferrous metals that provide protection against further rusting.

Versatile Hydra Descale rapidly removes heavy depositions settled in drains, tray washing machines, boilers, heating and cooling systems, drains, water tanks and more.

Hydra Descale is a very safe formulation that dissolve iron oxides at ambient temperatures. Use Hydra Descale without harming steel, stainless steel surfaces along with copper, cast iron, brass. Hydra Descale is safe enough to treat most types of rubber and plastics.

Non fuming formula of Hydra Descale makes safe and easy to use even in confined spaces.

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