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Septic Tank Filter

Septic Tank Filter

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  • Extends life of soakaways and drain-field
  • Allows discharge water to be free of suspended solids, which helps to keep within consent levels           
  • Designed with non-directional bristles for unrestricted flow of effluent
  • Fits all types of 4" and 110mm pipes, with self-locking bristles to hold in place
  • Gives superior filtration for tissue, hair, lint, in fact anything that can block a drain-field
  • Provides well over 1/2 mile of filtration media to eliminate clogging

Without a filter, septic tank soakaways have a limited lifespan which is made even shorter by the number of suspended solids (little bits waste) in the effluent and they are eventually pushed out of the tank into the soakaway.

These suspended solids are made up of hair, seeds, lint, floating organic material, etc.

The only part of the ground that actually 'soaks away' the liquid are the air spaces between the soil particles. 

The smaller the soakaway soil particles, (particularly soils with clay or silt as part of their structure) the smaller the air spaces in the soil, and the faster they block with these suspended solids.

In a worst-case scenario, the soakaway may need to be dug up and replaced, which is a very expensive job.

Crazy as it sounds, septic tank and sewage treatment plant final effluent is filtered before discharge in most countries throughout the world, except for the UK and Ireland.

Hydra have now developed an economic alternative to drain field renewal, simply fit their highly efficient septic tank filter.

The Hydra Septic Tank Filter is fitted into the vertical part of the 'T' on the outlet pipe from a  single our two chamber septic tank and removes up to 70% of the fine suspended solids from the discharging septic effluent and up to 30% from a sewage treatment unit, vastly increasing the quality of your wastewater and protecting the soakaway from blockage.

Our septic tank filter requires NO electricity and minimum maintenance - you simply pull it out of the tank by the handle, hosepipe it clean and push it back - simple as that!

With over one million filters installed in septic tanks and sewage treatment plants throughout the USA and abroad, these filters are the answer for all your wastewater filtering needs.

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