Hydra Bio Sludge Buster (Farm Waste Control)
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Hydra Bio Sludge Buster (Farm Waste Control)

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  • Bacteria accelerates natural break down of farm organic waste
  • Clears blockages, prevents blinding screens, liquefies crusts in slurry pits
  • Eases emptying of pits and tanks, reduces bad odours and flies
  • Shelf life 2 years, 1 Kg treats up to 10m²

Brand:  HYDRA

Features & Advantages

  • A biological activator that boosts sludge digestion through molecular metabolism of organic waste
  • Liquefies the solid build ups, crusting and caked farm sewerage, making it easier for the soluble material to apply on crops
  • Easier emptying of the pits once the solid crust is dissolved and suppressed
  • Faster breakdown of organic material results in reduction of harmful gases and flies, making the pits cleaner and safer to manage
  • Harmless to animals and wildlife


Hydra Bio Sludge Buster can also be use in animal pens and enclosures where urine and faeces are often highly concentrated in the soil. This high concentration leads to flies and strong smells especially during the summer months. Effluent tends to have an acidic pH, because Hydra Bio Sludge Buster contains calcium carbonate it brings the acidic pH back to neutral, this enables the beneficial bacteria to thrive. Spread over the area to be treated and mix into the soil if possible, 1 kilo treats 10 sq. metres, retreat monthly if necessary. Harmless to animals and wildlife.

Bio Sludge Buster effectively treats farm animal waste by accelerating the natural decomposition process of the organic waste that has solidified, making the degradation process difficult. The product includes just the right kind of bacteria and enzymes combination that induces a biological chain reaction in accumulated sewage sludge/farm waste. Bio Sludge Buster is an ideal combination of salts, humectants, enzymes and bacteria that increase the enzymatic activity through increasing the contact between the waste material and enzymes. Once the chain reaction for farm wastes treatment has set in it continues until all sludge waste is reduced or liquefied.

How To Use

Usage Rate

1 kg of Bio Sludge Buster treats 50 mof slurry/waste.

Given dosage rates are only indicative. Adjust the actual dose as per the volume and characteristics of each pit/drain.


Dissolve Bio Sludge Buster in warm water (temperature should not exceed more than 40ºC). Let the dissolved solution stand for 20-30 minutes before adding it to pits/drains/tanks.

To treat larger storage systems, dilute the product using as much water as possible before spreading (or mixing) on the tank surface. Using warm water boosts the action of the product.

Full instructions on the label.

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