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Hydra HDC 76 (Heavy Duty Descaler) 5 Litre

Hydra HDC 76 (Heavy Duty Descaler) 5 LitreFrom:  £32.34


Removes tough unsightly deposits from limescale, hard water and uric acid

Hydra Bio Loo (Toilet Cleaner)

Hydra Bio Loo (Toilet Cleaner)From:  £14.94

Eco-friendly toilet cleaner to descale, deodourise and disinfect surfaces

Hydra Spa-Clean (Spa Surface Cleaner)

Hydra Spa-Clean (Spa Surface Cleaner)From:  £11.94

  • Hydra Spa-Clean is a powerful spa bath sanitiser.
  • Foaming formula penetrates deeply and act as an effective spa oil grime remover.
  • Use in spa baths, Jacuzzis and hot tubs to get sparkling and hygienically clean surfaces.
Hydra Zeta Gold (Anti-Bacterial Liquid Soap)

Hydra Zeta Gold (Anti-Bacterial Liquid Soap)From:  £9.99


Powerful and effective against Orf and many other harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and micro-organisms.

Hydra Alcohol Surface & Hand Sanitiser Liquid

Hydra Alcohol Surface & Hand Sanitiser LiquidFrom:  £9.99



Any frequently touched objects at home, in office, public transport, shopping trollies, inside gloves, clothing, shoes etc

COBRA Antiviral Disinfectant Concentrate 5L

COBRA Antiviral Disinfectant Concentrate 5LFrom:  £29.49


Concentrated Solution 1:20, Alcohol Free

COBRA Antiviral Disinfectant RTU (Ready To Use) 5L

COBRA Antiviral Disinfectant RTU (Ready To Use) 5LFrom:  £15.54

Ready To Use Solution, Alcohol Free

Hydra Speed (Soap Scum Remover)

Hydra Speed (Soap Scum Remover)From:  £23.58

  • Multipurpose cleaner with antibacterial disinfectant to clean and sanitize wet and dry areas. A popular product for multipurpose cleaning. A favourite with leisure industry (sports centres, clubs, health clubs, restaurants etc.) for over two decades.

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