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Wash Tank/Stabiliser Treatments

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Hydra Algae Free/AD (Wash Tank Cleaner)

Hydra Algae Free/AD (Wash Tank Cleaner)Priced From:  £92.50

  • Automatic dosing, algae bio-slime sludge eliminator refills for Hydra ADE24/TX system.
  • Stop slipping and jamming of racks and rollers caused by algae, bio-slime or dirt.
  • Stop blockages or flooding caused by bio-slime build-up in overflow pipes and drains.
ADE24/TX Algae Free System

ADE24/TX Algae Free System£932.00   £699.00

  • System complete with 4x5L Algae Free AD bottles.
  • Complete automatic anti-algae pump system for film and paper processor systems.
  • Removes algae, slime and bio-film. Keeps wash tanks, pipes and overflows crystal clean 24/7.
  • Use in NDT (non-destructive testing), Photographic and CTP processors.
Hydra Algae Free/HD (Wash Tank  Additive)

Hydra Algae Free/HD (Wash Tank Additive)Priced From:  £24.95

  • Manual Dosing Algae Bio-Slime Sludge Eliminator for wash and stabiliser tanks.
  • Rapidly removes algae slime. Cleans racks, rollers, tanks keeps them crystal clean.
  • One shot per day stops expensive time downtime and lengthy maintenance programs.
Hydra Max 3 in 1 Total Stabilizer Treatment

Hydra Max 3 in 1 Total Stabilizer TreatmentPriced From:  £25.95

  • Max replaces the need to buy 3 separate products
  • Total stabilizer protection in one bottle
  • Stops algae build-up
  • Stops drying marks and all streaking
  • Prevents static build-up

Page 1 of 1:    4 Items