Hydra Arctic Windscreen DEICER (Deicing Spray)
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Hydra Arctic Windscreen DEICER (Deicing Spray)

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  • Quickly clears frozen windscreens, headlights, side mirrors and windows down to -50°C.
  • Achieve a clear windscreen without annoying wiper squeaks, streak free finish.
  • 100% pure spray equivalent to 6 large aerosol cans, safe paintwork, rubber or plastic.
  • All Pack Sizes (Excl. 210 Litre) comes complete with Hand Sprayer, FOC.

Brand:  HYDRA


  • Works down to -50°C (-58°F).
  • 100% pure spray equivalent to 6 large aerosol cans.
  • Keeps windscreen clear for up to 24hrs.
  • Can be used the night before as a preventative.
  • Immediate action for a speedy getaway.
  • Non-corrosive.
  • 1 litre pack sizes are in trigger sprays.
  • 5 litre size includes one free trigger spray per pack.


Do not be caught out this winter with a frozen windscreen and nothing to deice your car with but your kettle and a credit card. Make sure you are well prepared with Arctic Windscreen DEICER; the superior option for de-icing your vehicle.

Arctic Windscreen DEICER is 100% pure de-icing spray with no aerosol filler. This means you get 3 times the de-icing capacity in each bottle. Arctic Windscreen DEICER can be used to prevent your windscreen freezing when applied the night before, as well as a powerful DEICER to deice your car after the ice has formed. It dissolves ice and snow quickly when applied onto frozen windscreens, headlights, side mirrors and windows without damaging the paintwork, rubber or plastic.

Arctic DEICER is the premium option for clearing your windscreen; it works at temperatures as low as -50°C and keeps windscreens clear for up to 24hours without refreezing. It is non-corrosive to your car and environmentally safe to use. Deice your car this winter with Arctic Windscreen DEICER for reliable long lasting results. 


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