Hydra Arctic Windscreen WASH
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Hydra Arctic Windscreen WASH

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  • Premium winter windscreen WASH protects washer lines from freezing down to -40°C.
  • Helps prevent windscreen refreezing, improves driving visibility repels rain, sleet and snow.
  • Leaves windscreen sparkling clear, WASH fluid cuts through grime & dirt.

Brand:  HYDRA

Features & Advantages

  • Effective down to -40°C.
  • Concentrated winter liquid WASH additive.
  • Prevents washer lines from freezing.
  • Leaves windscreen sparkling clear.
  • WASH fluid cuts through grime & dirt.
  • Suitable for use in all vehicles.
  • Non-corrosive.


Are you looking for the best screenwash on the market? Driving in unpredictable weather conditions can be difficult enough without the worry of not being able to see properly. It is imperative to have a reliable windscreen wash that is going to work when temperatures hit freezing. Do not be a hazard to yourself and others on the road by ensuring you use the best screenwash available - Hydra’s Arctic Windscreen WASH.

Arctic Windscreen WASH is a concentrated WASH fluid additive that you simply add to your washer fluid reservoir. The powerful formulation has a dual action that protects washer lines & nozzles from freezing as well as removing dirt, traffic grime and salt from windscreens leaving them sparkling clear when visibility is most crucial.

Used at full strength without dilution, Arctic Windscreen WASH will be effective down to -40°C.

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