Hydra Silt-Less Bio Bacteria (Part-2 of Organic Silt Treatment For Lakes)

Hydra Silt-Less Bio Bacteria (Part-2 of Organic Silt Treatment For Lakes)
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Use only in combination with Hydra Silt-Less Base (Part-1) to get optimum results.

Brand:  HYDRA

  • Hydra Silt-Less Bio Bacteria reduces organic silt and sludge build-up up to 9 inches (23cm) over a 12 month period
  • Effective mix of micro-organisms, trace elements and enzymes to digest organic silt
  • Removing organic silt increases oxygen levels for better fish health
  • Lake sludge digester bacteria acts fast to re-balance the lake ecology
  • Use in Spring & Autumn for Optimum Results
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats up to 400m² (1/10 acre)

Features & Advantages

Note: Use Hydra Silt-Less Bio Bacteria (part-2) only in conjunction with Hydra Silt-Less Base (Part-1) to get optimum results.

  • An ideal lake treatment product to get better water quality. Improves clarity of water by quickening the process of organic decomposition.
  • Reduces lake sedimentation and settles suspended solids.
  • Aerobic action eliminates anaerobic bacteria releasing toxic gas. Removes bad odour due to hydrogen sulphide gas.
  • Perfect blend of useful and natural bacteria cultured under laboratory condition and freeze dried to give you an ideal mix for targeted problem solving action.
  • Lab cultured bacteria blend includes an accurate mix of diverse bacteria and required micro-minerals to ensure rapid growth of favourable bacteria.

How To Use

Usage rates

  • 1 kg of Hydra Silt-Less Bio Bacteria (For Lakes Only) treats up to 400 sq. metres (1/10 acre) 
  • 2.5 kg of Hydra Silt-Less Bio Bacteria (For Lakes Only) treats up to 1,000 sq. metres (1/4 acre) 
  • 5 kg of Hydra Silt-Less Bio Bacteria (For Lakes Only) treats up to 2,000 sq. metres(1/2 acre) 
  • 10 kg of Hydra Silt-Less Bio Bacteria (For Lakes Only) treats up to 4,000 sq. metres (1 acre) 

Note: Use the product in water with temperature above 12°C

Full instructions on the label.


Hydra Silt-Less Bio Bacteria together with Hydra Silt-Less Base (Part-1) is a powerful blend of natural bacteria for effective organic silt removal. These products contain just the correct amount of enzymes and trace elements required by bacteria to multiply faster. Quick colonization of favourable bacteria ensures rapid decomposition of the organic matter sediments. A safe lake sludge digester for use in rivers, lakes of all sizes, and ponds. Ideal for water bodies with heavy fish load. When used twice a year (Spring - Autumn or Autumn - Spring) can reduce organic silt build-up up to 9 inches (23cm).

Use aeration equipment to increase oxygen infusion in the water. Water bodies with sufficient oxygen levels promote aerobic action for faster decomposing of organic deposits. Install Hydra Pond Lake Aerator Systems  for subsurface aeration, the most effective method of introducing oxygen in water through multiple tiny bubbles.

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