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About Us

Hydra Int. Ltd is a UK-based chemical manufacturer and seller of high-performance fuel additives, biological treatments, aquatic treatments, cleaning, maintenance, and disinfectant products. We also specialise in solving difficult problems found within the photographic/imaging industry and have over 25 years of experience in this field.

The Answer is Yes - Now Give us your Problem!

Our Company has an innovative and dynamic approach to problem-solving. Where we do not have a standard product, we have developed products specifically for customers to solve their unique problems. This has made Hydra a world leader in chemical cleaning technology.

Our Mission and Values: 

‘To offer an authentic, wide range of home, garden and fuel products at great quality and value, so as many people as possible are able to afford them.’

Our company mission is interwoven within our values:      

  • Dedication to the highest quality of customer service.
  • Authentic product quality.
  • Great value for everyone.
  • Pride in our work.
  • Compassion, respect & dignity to all.

International Quality and Environmental Standards

Hydra's corporate goals are focused on world-class products and services. We ensure that our customers' needs and expectations are satisfied whilst meeting the highest quality, reliability, and safety standards. These goals are achieved through our total commitment to effective quality, environmental, and health and safety management within the organisation and by the integrated management system (IMS), which satisfies ISO requirements.

Research and Development

Hydra has a strong Research and Development side that is constantly developing new products. We are currently developing the latest nano-technology, renewable and biodegradable raw materials for descaling, cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilising.

Our directors have many years of experience at the sharp end of our industry - selling and developing the best and safest products for any cleaning problems ensuring that all of our products offer the best performance whilst remaining value for money.

Hydra holds the following Standards:

QUALITY ISO 9001: NQA Certification Service - View PDF here.
ENVIRONMENTAL ISO 14001: NQA Certification Service - View PDF here.
HEALTH AND SAFETY ISO 45001: NQA Certification Service - View PDF here.

International Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Standards

Hydra Int's manufacturing site holds the following international accreditations:

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management System (QMS) Standard

This standard is the international standard for quality assurance and quality control. With this standard, we can demonstrate our:

(i) Ability to consistently provide products that meet customer requirements.
(ii) Commitment to enhance customer satisfaction through quality assurance.
(iii) Commitment to meeting high standards of quality and reliability.

ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental Management System (EMS) Standard

The ISO 14001 is the internationally recognized Environmental Management Standard (EMS). Hydra's registration demonstrates our commitment to the environment and how our business contributes and affects it. We are fully committed to the environment and confirm that we:

(i) Have an established Environmental Management System.
(ii) Confirm our stated Environmental Policy and comply with relevant environmental legislation.
(iii) Address significant environmental aspects by way of control or influence, and.
(iv) Contribute towards the reduction in energy and waste.

ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard

Holding this international Standard demonstrates that we're fully committed to Occupational Health & Safety and confirm that we:

(i) Have an established ISO Management System.
(ii) Confirm our stated Health and Safety Policy and comply with relevant health and safety legislation.
(iii) Are committed to ensuring a safe working environment for our people, and.
(iv) Is committed to delivering safe products to customers.

Hydra Int. Ltd is totally committed to continual improvement in all areas of Quality, Environmental, and Health & Safety Management.

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