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Aquatic Problem Solver

ALGAE TREATMENTS Algae Treatments Blanket Weed / String Algae / Slime Ponds Quartz / ST703
Lakes Lake Clear
Fountains & Water Features Fountain Clear
Green Water Treatment Green Water / Cloudy Water Pond With Exterior Filter System Crystal
Fountains & Water Features Fountain Clear
filter-blanket Water Looks Green In Pond / Lake But Glass Water Sample is Either Crystal Clear or Very Slightly Green Spring – Summer Bio Aquatic Bacteria Boost
Autumn - Winter LT Extreme
BIOLOGICAL WATER QUALITY bacteria-treatment Filter System or Water Lacking Sufficient Natural Bacteria To Break Down Excessive Nutrients In The Water Spring - Summer Temperature +12°C Bio Aquatic Bacteria Boost
Autumn - Winter Temperature -12°C LT Extreme
FISH HEALTH fish-health Fish Colours Dull & Washed Out Ponds / Lakes Enhance
WATER PARAMETERS ammonia-level Ammonia Levels High Ponds Ammonia Lock
aqua-de-foam Large Amounts of Foam Ponds / Fountains / Water Features Aqua De-Foam
ph-level pH Too Low Insufficient Carbonate Hardness or General Hardness Immediate pH Increase pH Up
Long Term Buffering pH Buffer
Silt Sludge Removal Silt Build-up, Anaerobic Bacteria in Silt Sludge Ponds & Lakes

Silt-Less All-in-One

Silt-Less Base

Silt-Less Bacteria

pond dechlorinator Tap Water Treat for Chlorine & Chloramines All Tap Water Aqua Dechlorinator
WATER DYES pond-dye Colour Water Dyes For Special Occasions, Reduces Weed Growth Ponds / Lakes / Fountains & Water Features

Powder Dyes

Liquid Dyes

DISINFECTANTS & STERILISERS steriliser & disinfectant Disinfectants Fish Bio-Safety Ponds / Lakes / Fisheries

Hydra Quat

Hydra Chloramine-T

Hydra Chlor