Hydra Bio Aquatic Bacteria (Nitrifying Bacteria)
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Hydra Bio Aquatic Bacteria (Nitrifying Bacteria)

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Combo: Quartz + Bio Aquatic Bacteria

Combo: Crystal + Bio Aquatic Bacteria

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  • Kicks starts natures natural bacteria growth, especially in the early months
  • Cross selection of bacteria ensures maximum growth for clear water bodies
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats up to 100,000 litres in ponds, 1 acre in lakes

Brand:  HYDRA


  • Blend of carefully selected bacteria strains that multiply rapidly to replace pond beneficial bacteria lost during winters
  • Nitrifying bacteria acts on harmful ammonia to convert it into nitrite and subsequently to nitrates
  • The blend includes special bacteria that break down excess nutrients and organic matter to give clear water
  • Eliminates odour and cloudy water problems by acting upon pollutants and organic deposits in the pond
  • Ideal for seeding new biological filters
  • Gives your pond a head start at the beginning of the season by boosting the growth of good bacteria
  • Help maintain the ecological balance of the water
  • Easy to use, add directly into the pond or filters
  • Suitable to work efficiently in both fresh water and saltwater systems
  • Safe to use in water with fish and aquatic plants 


In a balanced pond ecology, most types of good pond bacteria develop on their own, but often the number is not sufficient enough to ward off common pond problems such as:

  • Cloudy water
  • Sludge accumulation
  • Bad odour from the slow decomposition of organic waste
  • Low pH level that is increasing in water acidity harmful for fish and good bacteria
  • Depletion of dissolved oxygen levels.


Pond keepers may help regain pond balance by adding natural favourable bacteria in the pond, especially at the beginning of the season when good bacteria levels are at the lowest. Bio Aquatic Bacteria includes highly concentrated beneficial bacteria (10 billion CFU/gram) that help resolve various water quality problems including uncontrolled algal growth.

Bio Aquatic is an effective biological treatment product (for warmer months of spring and summer) to replenish the beneficial pond bacteria that die out during the winter season. The blend includes a careful selection of different bacteria with various useful actions and quality:

  • Ability to withstand a wide range of pH levels and temperature,
  • Ability to double every 20 minutes,
  • Ability to digest specific nutrients that cause algae growth and poor water quality

Bio Aquatic is suitable for use in goldfish, as well as koi fish ponds, boundary watercourses, zoo ponds, leisure fishing lakes, ecologically unbalanced ponds. The product gives excellent results in water bodies under intensive aquaculture operations such as livestock holding tanks, commercial fish farms, and angling clubs.


For Ponds: Use at 100gm per 1,000 litres add to the biological chamber of the filter box. Alternatively, you can mix the recommended amount of powder into 5-10 litres of pond water in a bucket, leave for 20 minutes to activate the bacteria, then pour the solution directly to the water’s surface or through a feeder stream.

For Lakes and Bigger Bodies of Water: Use 1 kilo per acre each month, depending on the water quality and phytoplankton bloom. A higher dosage produces faster results.

Note: UV light are installed in the ponds to kill bacteria, however favourable bacteria also dies out in the process. Therefore, to gain maximum benefit out of the product, please switch off the UV lights for at least 24 hours after adding Bio Aquatic Bacteria Boost in the water. 

How To Use

Treatment Rate Monthly: For Ponds

Apply at the rates below. Repeat monthly from March to the End Of October. Do not use when the temperature is below 12°C (54°F). Instead, use Hydra LT Extreme.

Size of Pond In Litres Size of Pond in Gallons Application
<1,000 litres 220 gallons 100 gram
<2,000 litres 440 gallons 200 gram
<5,000 litres 1,100 gallons 300 gram
<10,000 litres 2,200 gallons 350 gram
<20,000 litres 4,400 gallons 400 gram
<50,000 litres 11,000 gallons 500 gram



  • Apply at 2 kilos per hectare each month or bi-monthly depending on the water quality and algae bloom. Higher dosages produce faster results.
  • Add directly to the water body. If possible circulate treated water by pump for even distribution.

Note: UV light is installed in the ponds to kill bacteria, however favorable bacteria also die out in the process. Therefore, to gain maximum benefit from the product, please switch off the UV lights for at least 24 hours after adding Bio Aquatic Bacteria in the water.

Full instructions on the label.

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Clear pond
17 May 2018  | 

I have been using Hydra Bio Aquatic for many years and it has never let me down. It does exactly as stated.

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Hydra review Bacteria Boost
08 May 2017  | 

Used Bacteria boost through winter and it has proved effective. Having a low temp version is very useful.


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Truly amazing
06 May 2017  | 

My pond looks truly amazing. Algae has been a problem area for years in my pond but with this amazing product, I no longer have any.

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6 of 6 people found this review helpful.