Hydra Crystal (Pond Green Water Treatment)

Hydra Crystal (Pond Green Water Treatment)
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Combo: Crystal + Bio Aquatic Bacteria

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Brand:  HYDRA

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  • Clear green water in fish pond to give crystal clear water
  • Only to be used in conjunction WITH an External Filter Box with Sponges
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats up to 10,000 litres

Features & Advantages

  • Hydra Crystal acts rapidly on the pond green water to give you crystal clear water.
  • The product (Green pond water Remover ) is completely biodegradable.
  • Free of all toxic additives, mineral based Hydra Crystal absorbs and chelates phosphates, nitrites, and other water pollutants to give you a clean healthy water body.
  • Special green water treatment formula improves the water quality without disturbing the ecological balance of the pond.
  • Safe on fish, reptiles, birds, invertebrates, mammals, humans and water plants.
  • No damaging effect on concrete surfaces or synthetic liners.
  • Not harmful for biological filters or pumps installed in the pond.
  • Immediately after the product application, scattered single-celled algae flocculate and sink to the bottom of the pond to be removed through the filter system.


The Problem

Spring sunshine is a welcome change in the weather, but with the onset of warm weather, your clear pond may become green due to unsightly algal growth. The nutrient build up over the winter months, actively feeding fish in warm weather and sun rays penetrating the pond surface create suitable conditions for phytoplankton to thrive.

Phytoplankton or single celled algae, make the clear pond water turn green or like pea soup.

Algal blooms are not only visually unappealing, but excessive algae also compete with fish and other aquatic creatures for dissolved oxygen during the night.

On cloudy days when single-celled algae are unable to replenish oxygen with photosynthesis, depleted oxygen levels prove harmful to the fish and other water plants.

The Solution:

How to Get rid of Green Water

Hydra Crystal is a unique mineral-based formulation that acts fast on the algal cells causing them to cluster together and descend to the bottom of the pond where it could be picked up by the pond filters. It is important to have the filters running and regularly cleaned during the treatment.

Hydra Crystal used in combination with Bio Aquatic Bacteriakeeps the single-celled algae from returning. Hydra Bio Aquatic Bacteria is a blend of favourable bacteria that feeds on excess nutrients (on which algae survive) and thwarts algae growth.

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Excellent customer service
Thursday, 28 May 2020  | 

Having had ongoing issues with dirty brown/green pond water, I called their customer services department and spoke to Julie Anne, who clearly knows her stuff. Helpful, patient and understanding, I followed her advice and we now have crystal clear water, probably for the first time in about 8 years. You now have a customer for life! Canít thank you enough 👍👌, 5 stars with pleasure

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Green water treatment
Monday, 5 August 2019  | 

On my first application of Hydra Crystal, I had seen a slight difference. I decided to try again a couple of days later but change my filter sponges first and pour the solution in the water and waterfall instead of the pump, to my surprise within 5 minutes my waterfall was clear and after 20 minutes my pond was too. I can now see my fish and the writing on my pump. I am very happy and will be definitely buying this product again to keep on top of my pond water and will advertise this product and company. One very happy fish mum.


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Green water treatment
Wednesday, 10 July 2019  | 

Perfect just as product descibes


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Does what it says
Sunday, 30 June 2019  | 

bit cloudy , but has cleared


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Hydra Crystal (Green Water Treatment)
Saturday, 1 June 2019  | 

I had renovated my auntieís pond to find 5 months later the pond was totally green and you couldn't see the fish. I purchased Hydra Crystal and 2 weeks later I received a phone call from my auntie saying she was over the moon and they can now see their fish swimming around the bottom of the pond. I have been using Hydra blanket weed products for the past few years and they are just brilliant.

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Very pleased
Wednesday, 11 April 2018  | 

I have been on a search for many months trying many different products to treat green water. This product really does work as I no longer have algae just crystal clear water.


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hydra crystal does what it says
Thursday, 20 April 2017  | 

Pond had horrible murky pond water found Hydra Crystal on web, placed order, product arrived next day used it in pond which is now clear within a couple of days.


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Highly Recommend
Saturday, 4 March 2017  | 

I did the glass test which was recommeded by the manufacturers where you will see remarkable results. I took 2 glasses of pond water where I treated one and left them overnight. The treated water was almost as clear as tap water, WOW. My Koi pond water is now practically crystal clear after one treatment.I would highly recommend this product.


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Great product, beautiful clear pond again
Sunday, 10 May 2015  | 

I used Hydra Crystal along with the Pond Filter Blanket and this product is truly amazing!!! It picked up and cleared my pond which holds 10,000 litres. You could barely see the fish but now they are as clear as day and you can even see the bottom of the pond. I have over the years tried many other products but this is the only one thats works!


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Crystal Clear Water
Saturday, 22 March 2014  | 

After receiving Hydra Crystal I first put a kilo in my pond then waited 2 days and added another 2 kilos into my pond. My pond water is crystal clear and I can now see the bottom of my pond along with my fish. I will without a doubt be buying more when my pond starts to go green again. 10/10.


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