Hydra Pond Water Stabiliser
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Hydra Pond Water Stabiliser

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  • Equalises KH / pH Keeps Pond in Balance
  • Safely Adjusts Pond Water Chemistry
  • 1 Kilo Treats 10,000L of Water
  • Harmless for Fish, Pets, Pond Life

Brand:  HYDRA



  • Stabilises pH, KH & GH Levels.
  • Balances & Maintains pH Buffering.
  • Neutralises Heavy Metals & Ammonia.
  • Equalises KH/pH Keeps Pond in Balance.
  • Safe for fish, Wildlife, Plants, and Filters.


HYDRA POND WATER STABILISER dissolves rapidly to releases a KH & pH buffering solution into the pond water.

Provides essential minerals to help keep pond water in balance for pH, GH (General Hardness) and KH (Carbonate Hardness). Ideal for emergency treatment in case of a pH crash which can cause the death of fish. Pond pH should be between 7.0 - 8.5. KH above 5°dH.

Pond alkalinity is naturally decreased over time through bacterial action which produces acidic compounds that combine with and reduce the alkalinity components.

Ponds with vinyl liners or of fiberglass construction, tend to show a decrease in alkalinity (they do not contain any natural pH buffers) over time and need HYDRA POND WATER STABILISER to maintain an acceptable level. Use 3 times per year.


  • 30ml Level Spoon Holds 30g
  • Treats 300 litre (66 gal)
  • 1 g Treats 10 ltr (2.2 gal)
  • 1 kg Treats 10,000 ltr (2,200 gal)
  • 5 kg Treats 50,000 ltr (11,000 gal)

Simply sprinkle over surface of pond. Check pond pH after each dose. Do not raise pH by more than 0.2 in one day, if pH still low retreat every other day

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Very impressed
18 April 2021  | 

Our pond was having issues where some of our fish had died. I was recommended a stabiliser to which Hydra came up with there product. I sprinkled the powder on the surface of the water and could see that the fish were much happier. The PH level had corrected itself also. Very impressed.


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PH at 7.0
22 May 2020  | 

Does as described. Within less then an hour my fish were happy and more comfortable in the treated water. Highly recommend.


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No bad review from me
11 May 2019  | 

No bad review for me, this product came super fast allowing me to use right away and done the job even quicker then the delivery. It is a good product.


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18 April 2019  | 

Fast delivery and amazed that the product worked.


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Back to normal
01 March 2019  | 

Within 2 days the water was balanced and back to normal with clear water.


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Great product
05 April 2018  | 

My fish pond was struggling due to ph levels and I had unfortunetely lost some fish. I came across this product and followed the instructions whilst being sceptical. I took a new ph reading and to my surprise the levels were corrected.


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