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Fuel Additives


Fuel additives 

Fuel additives are used alongside the fuel you use to run your vehicles on. When you supplement your fuel with additives, you are helping to improve the performance of your engine, over the standard performance petrol and/or diesel give.

What does a fuel additive do?

Hydra has formulated different fuel injectors to do different jobs, to enhance the performance of your engine. Jobs such as cleaning the carburettors, injectors, pumps, turbos, intake valves, removing water from fuel systems, reducing engine noise, and so much more. When fuel additives are added to your engine, you may notice changes to your vehicle such as more miles per gallon and/or your refuelling fewer times per week/month, the performance is improving in ways you hadn’t noticed a change in before such as smoother running, quicker to go when pulling out at junctions and roundabouts, less start-up time when switching the engine on. Also, as the performance increases, your emissions lower, which is better for the environment.

As well as fuel additives designed to improve the performance of your engines, here at Hydra International Ltd, we have also formulated treatment and a cleaner for fuel too. Our treatment has been designed to quickly remove harmful bugs (microbes) including diesel bugs in all fuels and our DPF-24 cleaner regenerates partially clogged DPF filters without the need for dismantling or renewal.

Heating oil additives

Not only does Hydra make fuel additives for vehicles, but we have also formulated additives for heating oil too;

Our heating oil additive has been designed to clean injectors and burners, dissolve sludge within tanks and remove soot deposits accumulated within the system. Additionally, it stabilizes the oil by inhibiting further sludge formation, keeping your oil lines and filters clear which is an essential requirement for a heating oil additive. By adding an oil additive to your heating oil system, you are helping to ensure that all your oil system is clean and running at its peak efficiency the overall efficiency of the boiler giving better fuel economy, plus it turns normal oil into premium kerosene, when buying heating oil for home, gives a greener, cleaner burn, reducing maintenance and boiler shutdown. Will more than pay for itself, by reduced maintenance and oil economy.


Still unsure on which fuel additive you require – check out our Hydra Problem Solver!