Hydra SeaGrow Organic Seaweed Extract Concentrate

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  • Highly concentrated organic liquid seaweed
  • Enhances and encourages rapid growth within plants, lawns, and crops
  • Contains Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed which strengthens plant root system and improves yield
  • Includes plant based amino acids and extra iron
  • Ideal for all plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, fruit and vegetable patches, herbs, lawns, and crops, within homes, gardens, and allotments.

Brand:  HYDRA


Hydra SeaGrow is an organic seaweed liquid fertiliser, designed to enhance and encourage the growth of plants with the natural goodness of seaweed.

Our organic seaweed extract concentrate improves the biological activity within soil, to improve strength and resilience within plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, fruit, vegetables, herbs, lawns, and crops grown within homes, gardens, and allotments.

The seaweed used within Hydra SeaGrow is naturally grown in the wild, within the Atlantic Ocean, and has nothing added to it in its growing season so is classified as 100% organic seaweed.

Seaweed, otherwise known as Ascophyllum Nodosum, contains anti-stress compounds and has evolved to be resilient within its natural environment which is constantly changing. Therefore, this natural formula within the seaweed extract will foster and transfer this technology onto the biomatter it is applied to, when used as a seaweed fertiliser, building resistance against the environmental stresses it encounters.

What is a liquid seaweed fertiliser?

It is simply as it suggests; a fertiliser that has been created from natural seaweed sources. When seaweed is harvested, the seawater is rinsed away and the seaweed can decompose/ferment in water, until it is broken down into a slurry or liquid.

Many types of seaweed and seaweed extracts have been used for years in commercial crop productions, due to their positive effect on yield and plant growth.

As many people worldwide are trying to become more sustainable and do their bit for the environment, products such as this are becoming more popular commercially and within homes, to meet plant food demands.

As seaweed is a natural by-product, it is known as a biofertilizer or a bio-stimulant and offers more benefits than conventional fertilisers on the market.

Bio-Stimulants explained

In agriculture, 'bio-stimulant' is defined as materials, other than fertilisers, that promote plant growth when applied in small quantities. Meaning bio-stimulants are a natural product that can help plants grow stronger and healthier.

Since then, the volume of awareness of the impacts traditional fertilisers have on the environment, and the benefits of using sustainable practices and products, means people are now opting for responsible options to avoid the depletion of natural resources and to aid long-term environmental quality.


There are many beneficial differences between seaweed fertiliser products and more traditional fertilisers.

Although seaweed itself contains a fewer amount of nutrients, it does have many other benefits that are not seen with traditional fertilisers. Also, the production method of seaweed has a greater environmental benefit than traditional fertilisers.

Sustainability – Firstly, seaweed is a renewable source that can and is effortlessly harvested. This means that there is no environmental damage within the harvesting methods, as seaweed is a renewable source that can easily be harvested within its many ocean locations.

Plus, fermenting seaweed is a natural process that does not involve chemicals or other processes, meaning no harmful chemicals to dispose of, or any greenhouse gases emitted during the manufacturing process.

100% Organic – As seaweed is a natural product with no chemicals added to the growth stage, seaweed fertilisers are certified as organic.

Increased nutrient uptake – All nutrients found within seaweed can be quickly absorbed by plants, which often isn’t the case for other fertilisers. Additionally, some fertilisers can only be applied via soil applications, whereas seaweed fertilisers can be applied through soil as well as foliar application, which increases the efficiency of nutrient intake.

Strengthened defences – A plant's health can be affected any time it is exposed to elements which can cause stress such as; lack of water, temperature variations, insect problems, or disease. Seaweed fertilisers help strengthen a plant's defences, making it stronger and healthier. 

Enhanced soil conditionsAlginate is found in seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum), which is a structural part of cell walls that provides the seaweed with flexibility, allowing it to withstand environmental impacts such as waves and sea currents. When adding Alginic acid to soil, it acts as a conditioner helping to improve the quality of the soil. Salts found within Alginic acid and metal molecules within the soil, combine to form larger, fuller molecules, which then attach to soil particles. Joined together, they improve the structure of the soil, resulting in better water and air movement throughout the soil.

Liquid seaweed fertiliser improves plant and soil health, creating beneficial ways for plants to grow. Not only will plants receive the nutrients it needs, but it also gains the defenses needed for pests and disease, as well as improved soil, to thrive.

Features & Advantages

  • Organic seaweed liquid fertiliser concentrate
  • Organic seaweed contains anti-stress compounds
  • Enhances strong, healthy growth
  • Encourages growth within plants, lawns, vegetable patches and crops
  • Improves natural plant health
  • Builds environmental stress resistance
  • Improves plant and soil health
  • Safe to use in homes and gardens with pets

How to use

Shake well before use. Dilute Hydra SeaGrow with water.

As Hydra SeaGrow is a liquid Seaweed concentrate fertiliser, you have different options on how you can apply:

Handheld spray bottle - If you have houseplants or herbs, you can mix your diluted solution in a handheld spray bottle and mist your plants.

Watering can - You can mix your solution in a watering can with a rose attachment, and shower over your plants/lawn.

Pump sprayer or large sprayer – for larger plants and areas, mix your solution and spray to apply.

When to use

Like all fertilisers, regardless of whether the plant lives inside or outside, it is best to apply Hydra SeaGrow during active growing season as all plants need growth to slow down in the cooler months; fertilisers will break this cycle if used all year round.

Soaking seeds overnight in a diluted solution of Hydra SeaGrow or spraying just after planting, helps the germination and early root development process.

Repotting plants and/or planting plants from container into the earth, after removing the roots from the pot, spray with a diluted solution of Hydra SeaGrow to reduce transplantation shock.


Where can I use this?

Vegetable patches/crops, fruits, flowers, herbs, lawns, shrubs, trees, fruit trees, indoor and outdoor plants, succulents.

Will my fruit and vegetables be safe to eat if I use this within the water?

Yes, this will not affect the edibility of your produce and will be safe for you to consume.

Best time to start using this?

We advise to only use Hydra SeaGrow within growing months of your plants, such as March – October.

Is SeaGrow 100% Organic?

Yes. The seaweed/Ascophyllum Nodosum grew freely in the Atlantic Oceans, with nothing added to it during it’s growing season and is ethically harvested, to be produced into an extract for Hydra SeaGrow.

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01 July 2021  | 

This product is amazing!!
It has worked wonders on all my plants, indoor and in my garden.
Used it for a month now and the blooms have been bigger than ever this year!
Highly recommend it to anyone!


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Love it
09 June 2021  | 

My snake plant needed a new pot as it was growing, and because of the shock of moving - it became very weak. After 4 days of using Hydra SeaGrow, my plant is back to its full strength! Thank you, Hydra!


4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

My Daisy is blossoming
06 June 2021  | 

I have had Daisy flowers in my garden for years now, and this year I have decided to give a go to fertilizer. I have been a Hydra customer for a while now, and I know they have quality products and great service, and when I saw that they have a new fertilizer product for sale I decided to give it a shot. SO GLAD I DID - my garden looks so beautiful this year - and I have been using it for only a week! Cannot recommend it enough!


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