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Hydra SonicGreen - Liquid Lawn Feed Concentrate

Hydra SonicGreen - Liquid Lawn Feed Concentrate
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  • Most advanced liquid lawn feed available
  • As used by lawn treatment companies
  • Fast green results in under a week
  • Bio-stimulants give healthier, stronger grass from root to tip
  • Lawn stays thicker with natural rich green colour
  • Contains Organic Seaweed
  • Completely safe for pets and children
  • 20-60ml of product per 4.5L (1 gal) of water

Containing Nitrogen, Iron and organic seaweed, Hydra SonicGreen Liquid Lawn Feed is designed to unlock your lawns potential with the nutrients it requires to become a thicker, greener, and healthier lawn to be proud of.

What is a liquid lawn feed?

A liquid lawn feed is a fertiliser in liquid form, rather than granules, designed to feed lawns with the goodness it requires. When liquid fertilisers are applied, they are easily and instantly absorbed into the foliage of the lawn as well as the soil beneath, so you get faster results than those of granule lawn fertiliser.

Within lawn fertilisers, it is important that they contain nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, and other natural properties, which can be found within Hydra SonicGreen, to help top up the lawns supplies of nutrients, especially as they come out of hibernation from the winter months.

A good way to look at it is, lawn fertiliser is vitamins for grass. Just like humans, grass needs the boost of natural goodness to help complete its growth and development, that’s what the lawn fertiliser provides.

Ingredient Advantages


Nitrogen helps to boost the green growth within all plants, including grass, otherwise known as foliage. Not only does Nitrogen help the development of growth, but it also helps new shoots. New shoots are vital within grass, to help your lawn replenish and stay healthy. If your lawn is lacking nitrogen, your grass will start to turn yellow at the base of the grass blades.


Chelated Iron is found within our formula, and has been designed to pass through the digestive system of grass, without the molecules breaking apart. Iron helps to harden grass against potential pests and diseases and helps to promote a natural deep greening effect within your lawns, whilst also aiding in killing and controlling moss within your lawn. If your lawn is lacking iron, the tips of your grass will start to retreat in colour and start to turn yellow.

Organic Seaweed

Seaweed, otherwise known as Ascophyllum Nodosum, contains anti-stress compounds and has evolved to be resilient within it’s natural environment that is constantly changing. Therefore, this natural formula within the seaweed extract will foster and transfer this technology onto the biomatter it is applied to, when used as a seaweed fertiliser, building a resistance against the environmental stresses it encounters. As seaweed is a natural product with no chemicals added to growth stage, seaweed fertilisers are certified as organic.



There are many benefits to treating and feeding your lawn with Hydra SonicGreen liquid lawn fertiliser, including;

Healthier Grass and Stronger Roots

When your lawn has a balanced diet of the nutrients and minerals it needs to thrive, it will become stronger within every level of the grass, root to tip. Plus, the structural strength will be stronger than those without fertiliser and will be able to fight off pests. Plus if any physical damage does occur, the grass will be able to self-repair.

Healthier Soil

If you were to think about the soil beneath your grass as a workforce of micro-organisms, just like us, they need refreshments and refuelling to help them stay healthy and complete their jobs. So, when you regularly fertilise your lawn, you are helping the micro-organisms protect the roots from micro-invaders and help produce and convert nutrients into a form that can be absorbed by the roots.

Weed Free

Weeds like to make themselves at home, usually where they are not wanted, and a weed-infested lawn is one of those places.

Weed seeds like to find patches within lawns and ‘set up camp’ there. Now, if your lawn is weak, patchy, and unhealthy, this creates the perfect habitat for weeds to call home as there are plenty of gaps.

If your lawn is healthy and regularly fed, gaps are few and far between and if there were ever to be a weed seedling blow into your garden and land on your lawn and starts to grow, the chances of the weed surviving is very slim due to your grass outgrowing and overshadowing the weed.

So, the secret to garden care - Hydra SonicGreen!

Rich Green Grass

When your lawn is regularly fed with a high-quality fertiliser such as Hydra SonicGreen, you will notice that your grass becomes greener. This is due to you feeding your lawn the nutrients and minerals it needs to maintain that plush rich green glow.

Increased Property Value

Believe it or not, but healthier and greener looking grass can improve your property value, as it improves your homes 'curb appeal'.


When you feed your lawn with Hydra SonicGreen, a high-quality liquid lawn fertiliser, you are boosting your lawn’s health in ways you wouldn’t think of.

The best thing to remember is, happy and healthy soil = happy, healthy grass!


Hydra SonicGreen is not designed for plants. For plant fertiliser please see Hydra SeaGrow and/or Hydra WonderGrow.

How to use

To apply Hydra SonicGreen to your lawn, you will need to dilute your fertiliser with water before applying it to your lawn.

We recommend using a watering can with a rose nozzle attachment as this helps with the measurements of fertiliser to water ratio and the application of the solution to your lawn.

NOTE – If you accidentally spill any neat fertiliser on your lawn, rinse immediately with water as this could result in a scorched patch or some cases, kill the grass. If spilt on pathways, rinse immediately to avoid staining.


When to use

March, right at the beginning of spring, is a great time to start your lawn fertiliser treatment, as temperatures will begin to rise, and your garden will start to come out of hibernation from the winter months. If you are wanting to apply your first application and spring has already sprung or we are further into the year, you can still apply your fertiliser, however, we recommend the following year you begin in March. We recommend using Hydra SonicGreen Liquid Lawn Feed from March, right through to October.


NOTE – Don’t forget in hot summer months to water your grass in the evening, when the temperature has dipped, to maintain the health of your lawn.

How long do I have to wait after application before my dog can go on the lawn?

Our fertiliser is non-toxic and safe with pets and children, however, we would advise you to wait at least an hour or so before you let your dog or children on the grass again, so that the fertiliser has time to be fully absorbed into the lawn and soil beneath.

How long before I see a change in my lawn?

Hydra SonicGreen gets to work as soon as it is applied, and you will start to see a difference in your lawn from 6 hours after application.

Can this be used on freshly laid turf?

Yes, this can be applied to freshly laid turf.

Can this be used with a hose?

We wouldn’t recommend applying this with a hose, as you cannot guarantee an even coverage of fertiliser when using a hose.

Is it good for patchy grass?

Yes, Hydra SonicGreen will help thicken your grass and diminish the patchy areas found within your lawn. However, if your lawn is patchy due to being scorched by dog urine, for example, this may not fix 100% of the patched area as in some cases dog urine, especially puppy urine, can kill the grass and may need to be cut out and replaced with turf or re-sown with grass seed.

Will this work on the shady part of my lawn?

Yes, Hydra SonicGreen works within the soil and grass blades. However, plants need sunlight to help stimulate growth further, so the shaded part of your grass may grow less than the sunlit areas but will be just as healthy root to tip.

Can I use this in a 5L sprayer?

Yes, you can, however, you may not get as even coverage as much as you would with a watering can and rose nozzle.

Will it get rid of the weeds in my lawn?

It will not get rid of weeds within your lawn as such but will help your grass to outgrow the weeds and overshadow them, meaning they have less room and sunlight to grow, which in some cases may result in the weeds retreating and being less obvious within your lawn.

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Healthier and greener grass
Sunday, 8 August 2021  | 

When I first saw this product advertised on your social media, I was a little sceptical, but I am so glad I tried it. I saw a difference within a week of applying, and now my grass looks healthier and greener than it did a week ago!


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