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    • Do I need to do a water change in my Pond/Lake when adding treatments?

      When you have been using different products it always makes sense to do a partial water change, some products on the market contain metals. These metals do not evaporate and every time you treat your water you are adding more to the pond, eventually you will have a level where you will start losing fish - normally the larger ones first as the absorb more of the metals. Therefore you should always make a 20% water when changing products, also always leave a minimum of 5 days between treatments in order to give your fish time to adjust to different water conditions. If you do not have a lot of blanket weed then you do not need to use the full treatment.

    • Why can't I reduce my pH?

      It is difficult to reduce the pH of your water if the KH (carbonate hardness) is too high. The KH provides a buffer to acids and prevents them from decreasing the pH. Some carbonate hardness is important, otherwise the pH will drop as acids are produced in the tank.

    • What is the difference between powder and liquid dye?

      Powder dye is more concentrated than liquid dye. With powder dye you can colour bigger bodies of water, such as lakes and ponds, while you can use liquid dye for smaller ponds, fountains and water features - easier application and less mess.

    • Can Water Dyes be used in water with fish and plants?

      Yes. All of our dyes are food grade and are safe for plants and aquatic life.

    • What product should I use for keeping my fountain water clean?

      Hydra Fountain Clear - Use for water sterilisation. If your water is treated with water dye - use Hydra Aqua Brite

  • Hydra-Bio Products
    • What is a septic tank?

      A septic tank is used to treat and dispose of small volumes of wastewater, usually from single houses or a number of households that are located relatively close together. Septic tanks are usually installed where there is no access to the mains drainage network. To maintain your septic tank, use Hydra Septo Boost.

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  • Hydra-Fuel Products
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    • What are Fuel Additives?

      Fuel additives are compounds which enhance the efficiency and quality of fuels used in diesel, petrol, kerosene and heating oils. Depending on product used, they turn normal grade fuel into premium quality fuel, increase storage life, provide detergency, improve lubrication and increase Octane or Cetane.

    • How do I add Fuel Additives to my car?

      Add it directly to your fuel tank - before or after topping up your fuel. Make sure to add correct dosage of additive depeng on size of your tank and amount of fuel in the tank.

    • Can I use Fuel Additives for long term storage of fuel?

      Yes. For long-term storage of fuel we recommend using Hydra FuelPlus Multy Biocide - effective against bugs and microbes for longer period of times. Can be used for all types of fuel - Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene etc.

    • I've been advised that this product could invalidate my Audi warranty. Do you know if this is the case?

      Every product you buy at a filling station already has had a fuel additive added to it, why?

      It is a little known fact but in the UK, there is an underground grid system for supplying fuel to your local oil depot, each fuel supplied is in its basic form i.e. petrol, diesel, heating oil and aviation fuel. The reason is, it would be impossible to distribute through this grid system hundreds of different formulas that the various sellers have for their products. So when a road tanker goes to its local oil depot to collect its delivery, a fuel additive is added to this basic fuel, the oil depot will have hundreds of different fuel additives as each supplier likes to have their own fuel package.

      Therefore in answer to your question, it would be like Audi stating that you can only use from Shell or BP which is obviously not the case. Hydra works to and is accredited to International Standards for Quality, Environment and Health & Safety. We ensure that the various EU and UK Standards for fuels are still adhered to whist using our fuel additives. Therefore using our additives will not invalidate your warranty.