Combo Pack : Hydra Quartz + Bio Aquatic Bacteria
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Combo Pack : Hydra Quartz + Bio Aquatic Bacteria

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Hydra Quartz

Hydra Bio Aquatic Bacteria

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  • Combo offer saves the trouble of choosing correct combination of products
  • Includes Hydra Quartz, proven pond algae cleaner to remove blanket weed
  • With Bio Aquatic Bacteria to recover the pond water balance
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats up to 12,500 litres

Brand:  HYDRA


Features & Advantages

Hydra Quartz is a proven solution to help you get rid of blanket weed. Bio Aquatic Bacteria includes pond beneficial bacteria, that helps the pond water regain ecological balance and maintain clear water.

Hydra Quartz

  • Fast acting granules act immediately upon contact with string algae, blanket weed and slime. Quickly starving the blanket weed by chelating the nutrients (phosphate and nitrate) important for blanket weed to thrive.
  • Safe to use in koi ponds, fish ponds or natural pools, lakes and water traps.

Bio Aquatic Bacteria

  • Removes harmful ammonia.
  • Feeds upon excess nutrients that lead to diminished water clarity and quality. Improves water conditions to discourage the return of algae and weeds.
  • Two in one offer that gives value for your money. Hydra Quartz removes blanket weed and Bio Aquatic Bacteria restores your pond’s ecological balance by boosting the growth of beneficial bacteria.


The Problem

Blanket weed is usually the most unsightly and most difficult of the algae to get rid of. The candy-floss like growth of blanket weed may sometimes choke the fish and water plants. Blanket weed can also appear in the form of fine wispy hair like growth, that hangs on the sides of the pond.

The Solution

This combo pack gives you the perfect solution to remove blanket weed and restore your pond's ecological balance. 

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