Hydra Enhance (Improves Fish Health & Colour)
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Hydra Enhance (Improves Fish Health & Colour)

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  • Helps your koi and fish look beautiful by adding luster to the white background and deepening colour.
  • Improves general health of the fish, absorbs toxins including heavy metals, pesticides etc.
  • Contains 78 essential natural trace minerals for koi health
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats up to 90,000 litres

Brand:  HYDRA


  • Helps your koi and fish look beautiful by adding luster to the white background and deepening colour.
  • Improves general health of the fish, absorbs toxins including heavy metals, pesticides etc.
  • Absorbs impurities present in the water and increase water clarity.
  • Helps your fish feed better by stimulating their appetite.
  • Pond clay with bentonite powder; includes 78 trace colloidal minerals.
  • Re-mineralise the pond water by adding trace elements and essential minerals not found in most ornamental ponds.


Hydra Enhance with Pond Montmorillonite Clay is a perfect source of trace elements and essential minerals that are important for fish health care. These elements and minerals do not occur naturally in the local water supply, which is often used to fill the ponds. In addition, since most of the ornamental ponds are made using polyurethane, polypropylene, butyl, PVC¸ rubber liners, fiberglass, and EPDM, they lack any natural mineral source. The meagre and insufficient supply of essential minerals and elements that comes from the water is quickly absorbed by fish, plants and bacteria present in the biological filters.

Hydra Enhance with pond clay improves water quality and fish health. The nano particles of the product soak up heavy metals, toxins, pesticides and free radicals present in the water, making them heavier and sink to the bottom. These impurities are picked up and removed by the mechanical filters.

The elements and minerals included in Hydra Enhance are same as those found in the clay ponds of Nigata, Japan, famous for koi breeding of the highest quality.

Application procedure: 

Adding Hydra Enhance directly to the pond water:

• Dissolve the required quantity of hydra enhance in a bucket using pond water. The mixture looks like a milky emulsion.

• Pour slowly around the circumference of the pond; also add any residual product left in the bucket.

• The pond water would turn milky after the application. This is normal and clear up in 6-24 hours.

Adding Hydra Enhance directly to the koi food/fish food:

• Moisten the fish food pellets.

• Place the moistened pellets and required Hydra quantity of Hydra Enhance in a plastic bag.

• Shake the bag so that the pellets are evenly coated with the product. • Spread out the coated pellets to dry on a tray line with aluminium foil. The coated and dried pellets could be stored for later use as colour enhancing fish food.


Usage Rates:

• First 2 weeks 1 heaped spoon to every 6,000 litres, apply every other day.

• After 2 weeks use (1 heaped blue measuring spoon ) to every 6,000 litres of pondwater and apply once or twice per week.

Regular application of Hydra Enhance that includes Pond Montmorillonite Clay shows result within 2-3 weeks.

Pond hobbyists report a visible improvement in their pond water quality and increase in skin lustre of their koi as well gold fish with the use of Hydra Enhance.

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Miracle product
27 July 2020  | 

This product is a miracle… I read reviews and decided to give it a go after trying many others that have failed me. Wow, it truly "ENHANCED" my pond and fish.


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Super happy
22 May 2020  | 

Enhance is the best vitamin and mineral source to your fish pond. Super happy customer and fishes.


2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

Healthy Koi pond
16 June 2019  | 

After returning from a short break away my pond and fish were very distressed. I was pulling my hair out on how to save my Koi's and I must say this product helped them. No fish died and my pond is back to its normal healthy self. Very happy customer and fish.


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What more can your pond need
17 May 2019  | 

What more can your pond need. This product has made my pond water crystal clear and my fish have such beautiful colouring to them again and look very happy. I have ordered my next batch of this.


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100% recommend
04 May 2019  | 

This clay has made our koi carps so much more healthier and their colours are richer. I 100% recommend this product.


3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

02 May 2018  | 

I have a goldfish pond that was looking distressed. I had done some research on Montmorillonite Clay to find it is very good for fish and the pond water. I decided to give it a go and with the easy instructions I can say it is incredible and really does work wonders. I have happy healthy fish again and beautiful water again. Highly recommend.


6 of 6 people found this review helpful.

04 March 2018  | 

Fast delivery and great product. 10/10


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Truly beautfiul
22 June 2017  | 

The product says it makes the koi fish look beautiful, I was skeptical but wow it is true, my koi fish have never looked better. My pond has had a whole new lease of life and looks fantastic. It is so easy to use and a great product to all koi owners.


5 of 5 people found this review helpful.

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