Hydra Dragon Red Liquid Dye
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Hydra Dragon Red Liquid Dye

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To preserve colour, use with Hydra Aqua-Brite

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  • Works in all ponds and water features, small or large
  • Vibrant red colour
  • Adds a reflective finish within water features and/or ponds
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Very economical to use
  • Safe for fish, birds, and other wildlife
  • Stops light from reaching the bottom; Reduces or halts algae/weed growth
  • Free of pesticides and herbicides
  • Up to 3 years shelf life

Brand:  HYDRA


  • Works in all ponds and water features, small or large
  • Adds to the reflective quality within water features and/or ponds
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Very economical to use
  • Safe for fish, birds, and other wildlife
  • Quick and simple application
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Free of pesticides and herbicides
  • For all-year-round use


Pond weeds, like all plants, algae and many bacteria, use the energy from sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into organic compounds, most typically, sugars. This can often lead to an algae bloom when plentiful resources allow algae to reproduce very rapidly.

This bloom as well as being unsightly can kill off other pond life, i.e. plants and fish. 

Without sunlight, photosynthesis could not occur and life as we know it could not flourish. By using a non-toxic colorant such as Hydra Blue Dye Liquid in the water, you can partially filter sunlight, thereby thwarting the photosynthetic process for the growth of many aquatic weeds and algae's.

Filtering out UV will slow algae and weed growth while transforming lake and pond water to a gorgeous natural blue finish.

By shading underwater portions of your body of water from sunlight, plant photosynthesis is prevented in bottom dwelling plants and weeds.


Hydra Dragon Red Liquid Dye provides an impressive reflection and colour to your pond and/or water feature and has been used by the likes of landscape gardeners, garden pond/water feature keepers, local authorities, golf courses, and farm ponds.

With its quick dispersion quality and high concentration, its usage, even in low quantity, is enough to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pond or water feature. It safely protects and shades your pond or water feature in a blood red colour.

Hydra Liquid Dyes are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, meaning they will not harm birds, reptiles, mammals, or fish. So, if you have fish with your pond, adding dye to your pond will not affect them or their health, if anything, the dye will help to protect them. Dye used within ponds with wildlife within will help deter predators, for example, fish will be protected from the predators such as herons.

Water from ponds and water features that have been dyed with any Hydra Liquid Dye, is safe to use as part of irrigation of crops, meaning, if you wanted to change the water in your water feature, for example, you can empty it onto your flowerbeds and they will not be affected.


Liquid dyes all work in the same way as food colouring; It dyes something in your required colour. However, liquid dyes used within ponds and water features offer an additional benefit in that they can help reduce plant and algae growth. Dyes do not, however, hinder the growth of all aquatic plants, they are recommended for submerged plants such as pondweeds, watermilfoil, and elodea, as well as plants such as water lilies.


• 5ml treats up to 125 litres (27 gallons).

• 25ml treats up to 625 litres (137 gallons).

• 250ml treats up to 6,250 litres (1,374 gallons).

• 500ml treats up to 12,500 litres (2,747 gallons).

•1 litre treats up to 25,000 litres (5,495 gallons).

• 5 litres treats up to 125,000 litres (27,470 gallons).

*Please note that all images are for illustrative purposes only, Actual colour may vary depending on pond water conditions.

How to use

Administering dye to your pond or water feature is as simple as pouring the correct measurement needed of dye into the water. It will quickly disperse within and around the pond and/or water feature, meaning no need to spray of spread the application our yourself.

Where to use

Water dyes can be applied to ponds and water features of any size, small or large.

Not only can water dyes be added to ponds and water features, they have also been known to be used in small amounts, to glass vases and centrepieces at events and weddings to create drama and aesthetically appealing looks.


NOTE – Use Hydra Aqua-Brite with Hydra Powders and Liquid Dyes. Do not use with chlorine or any other product unless specified by Hydra International Ltd.

Can I use this dye if I have fish in my pond?

Yes. Hydra Liquid dye is food grade dye, and it is completely safe for fish, plants and invertebrates.

My dog sometimes drinks water from my pond. Will it be okay?

Yes, absolutely. Dogs, cats, birds, wildlife - this food grade based dye is safe to be used for drink.

Although, if your dog often drinks pond water - be aware of Blue Green Algae https://www.bluecross.org.uk/pet-advice/blue-green-algae-and-its-dangers-dogs

What happens if we put too much pond dye in our water?

The water will be a deeper shade, and possibly opaque. Over time, rainfall will dilute the colour to the point where it will all be gone. You can also add more water, or partially change water to dilute dye. If emptying the pond is required, the water should be flushed into soil beds – please avoid letting over dyed water get into surface drains or streams. Any water getting into a stream or drain will not be harmful, but it might concern other people if they see odd colour in flowing water - they might report it to authorities as ''pollution''. 

Can water dye leave stains?

Yes, but nothing that can't be washed. It will most likely stain your hands and clothes - that's why it is recommended to wear gloves and protective clothes when using our product. Also, when diluted - it might stain the rock or surface where the water touches, but it is nothing permanent - sunlight will fade any residue.

Is pond dye a good idea?

There is a range of benefits to using pond dyes other than changing the aesthetic of your pond or lake. Pond dyes will limit the sun exposure, promote a balanced ecosystem within your pond or lake and also protect the wildlife living in your pond.

Will pond dye get rid of algae?

Although dyes will not get rid of algae it will reduce the sunlight penertration, this will then reduce the growth becuase it slows the effect of photosynthesis.

How long does dye last in a pond or lake?

Pool dye will last between 4-8 weeks on average depending on your weather.

When should i add the dye to the pond?

To have the best effect and year long benefits you should apply the dye in early spring and then continue to apply every 4-8 weeks depending on rainfall.

Can you swim in a pond that contains pond dye?

Once the pond dye has completely mixed with the water, its is safe for swimmers to jump in, there is no need for you to worry about dying the colour of your skin.

Can we use more than recommended?

Absolutely! Our recommendation is top maximum that our dye can work and still be visible. Please wait 24 hours before adding more solution to the water, as sometimes it takes time for colour to 'settle in''. However, if you are using more than it is recommended - you can expect colour to be darker, more vibrant and water can seem deeper.

In case you overdo it, nothing to worry about. It will fade out with either rainfall or sunlight, or you can dilute water with adding more water or partially changing water. 

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Dyed fountain water
19 June 2018  | 

Dyed fountain for a Halloween party, looked amazingly effective at night.


3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

Lovely deep red dye
12 May 2018  | 

I only needed a few drops to add to my pond. It is a lovely deep red.


1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Very Effective
04 May 2018  | 

I have a number of fountains and water features in my garden, I use different Hydra colours in them, and they are all very effective.


4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

Great Dye
07 April 2016  | 

I bought this Dragon red to enhance my water feature. Great product.


This review has not been appraised.

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