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Water Dyes Gardens & Lakes


Water Feature Liquid Dyes
Large Ponds & Lakes Powder Dyes
Water Tracking Dyes
Tracing & Leak Detection Dyes

Here at Hydra, we have four different types of dye – Liquid, powder, tracking and leak detection/tracing.

What is the difference between the four types?

Liquid dye is available in an array of colours and can be added to water features, ponds, and lakes to create an aesthetically pleasing enhancement to your body of water.

Powder Dye is three times stronger than liquid dye and is available in four shades. Can be added to water features, ponds, and lakes to create an aesthetically pleasing enhancement to your body of water.

Tracking dye is available in 3 colours and is used in fertilisers and agricultural applications.

Leak detection/tracing dye is available in two colours – Red and Green. Suitable for detecting the flow of water in all types of pipes, identifying individual drain runs and tracing leaks in drains, pipes, toilets, & pools.

Is the dye safe to use?

All our dyes are food-grade, meaning they are safe to use, safe for the environment and safe for animals and pets.

We recommend you use gloves when handling all our dyes, but if you were to get any dye on your hands or a surface, warm soapy water will remove this.

What happens if you put too much dye in water?

The water will be a deeper shade, and possibly opaque. Over time, rainfall will dilute the colour to the point where it will all be gone. You can also add more water, or partially change water to dilute dye.

If emptying the pond is required, the water should be flushed into soil beds – please avoid letting over-dyed water get into surface drains or streams. Any water getting into a stream or drain will not be harmful, but it might concern other people if they see odd colour in flowing water - they might report it to authorities as ''pollution''. 

Featured Reviews
The best blanket weed remover
26 March 2023  |  John

Removing blanket weed.
I have been trying to kill blanketweed for years and have tried everything now I have discovered Hydra I don't have a problem.
Fantastic product.

23 March 2023  |  Mike

Struggle with dpf and eml since October. Talk with my mechanic he tried to force regeneration did it after two weeks light shows up again. Audi garage told me that it will cost me 2k so is March and found that product decided to give it a go. I put two bootles in to 40l of diesel. Today is a third day done maybe 150km since and what!?!?!?! The light on the dash gone 👏👏. So I have ordered another two. It does what it says.

Great for water feature
13 March 2023  |  Amanda

Does the job

It's work as add on like premium quality fuel
12 January 2023  |  Zafri

Itís work as itís described, more mileage , every 10 ml save me about £10

Overcomes murky water
07 December 2022  |  Christine

Use it in my water feature to keep the water clean. Just need a drop or two every month but remember donít use with plants or fish.

Great job for keeping fountain clean!
26 November 2022  |  Ben

My water feature was starting to get algae build up and a bit grubby but as soon as I started using this I never have to change the water - it makes it so crystal clear and reduces the build up! Highly recommend - just keep away from pets!

My Daisy is blossoming
06 June 2021  |  Jessica

I have had Daisy flowers in my garden for years now, and this year I have decided to give a go to fertilizer. I have been a Hydra customer for a while now, and I know they have quality products and great service, and when I saw that they have a new fertilizer product for sale I decided to give it a shot. SO GLAD I DID - my garden looks so beautiful this year - and I have been using it for only a week! Cannot recommend it enough!

Was skeptic, but its brilliant!
24 May 2021  |  John

Hello guys
What can I say, over the years I have used products that claim to kill off blanket weed, so when I used your product it was used with some scepticism, well, that was short lived, it done exactly what it said on the tin (or should I say bucket), it made the pond look messy for about 24 hrs, after that, it was obvious that it was doing its job, brilliant, and only too happy to recommend, the fast delivery was appreciated.
John Burden

08 December 2020  |  Jo

Both the Isuzu and the Webasto on my boat are running much smoother, latter was sounding terminal', there was a big blue smoke first time I turned engine on, and that presumably was injectors cleaning.
Technical advice excellent (phone)
Sales and delivery excellent
Packaging excellent
Website good design
Videos suited to American hype market, but there is a big range of products, and I overcame my cynicism to buy. Product was recommended on a canal forum.
Note .... There were three products that suited my purpose which is why I phoned technical, it seems Diesel Boost will clean Webasto and engine, and stabilise diesel stored in tanks and in containers.
I have enough for a year, will purchase again

Definitely worth it
07 November 2020  |  Anamaria

Let me be clear here, I am a natural sceptic. This product sounded nice, but I wasn't bought right away.
I am driving 10 years old Volkswagen Golf, MK6. Also, I am a young driver, and I didn't think I was going to notice any difference.
Boy, was I wrong. I added the first dose ever, I notice a difference within the first 10 minutes of driving. My engine was smoother, and when going really slow in second gear, instead of my engine struggling and sounding like it was going to stall, it was pushing me forward.
Also, next morning, instead of the usual first 5 mins being very loud when turned on, it was again, smooth and silent, like it was turned on for some time.
This product is amazing, I am definitely using this in the future. Price is affordable and worth every penny. I would give 10 stars if I could.