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Hydra DeGreen - Remove Algae, moss, green fungus, lichen etc. from Hard & Soft surfaces

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Hydra Patio CleanUp - Clean-up heavy dirt build-up without pressure washing!

Brand:  HYDRA

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  • Rapidly removes moss, lichen, algae, green fungus etc with no need for washing out or scrubbing
  • Does not contain acid or bleach, therefore no damage or discoloration to surfaces
  • Biodegradable, non- caustic, safe on wide range of surfaces
  • Child & pet friendly - make sure area is dry

Hydra DeGreen

Hydra DeGreen is the easy way to clean all garden surfaces from mould, green fungus, moss, lichen, algae etc. There is no scrubbing, no pressure-washing, or rinsing required. Simply apply and walk away.


Hydra DeGreen works on both hard and soft outdoor surfaces, tackling outdoor residue and organic build-ups, such as moss, mould and algae.

Cleans hard surfaces such as driveways, patios, decking, pathways, fencings, roofs, sheds, garden furniture, greenhouses, terracotta pots, garden statues, UPVC windows, caravans, motor homes, boats etc.

Cleans soft surfaces such as protective covers, cushions, sunshades, Astroturf etc.

It can be used on all materials such as wood, metal, plastic, textile, stone, brick, glass etc.

Features & Advantages

  • Hydra De-Green contains powerful detergents and sequestrants that rapidly dissolve and solubilise outdoor contamination from all hard and soft surfaces.
  • Cleans and removes the many dangerous slippery hard surfaces in gardens and driveways.
  • Use on Hard Surfaces i.e., patios, decking, fencing, garden furniture, AstroTurf etc.
  • Use on Soft Surfaces i.e. sunshades, cushions, protective covers etc.
  • Cleaned surfaces have an invisible protective finish which lasts for up to 6 months.
  • Easy to apply, the made-up solution is sprayed or poured onto the surface to be cleaned, no need to rinse, rain will simply wash it off.

The Solution

No Discolouration 

Hydra DeGreen does not contain bleach or acid, therefore it will not damage or discolour treated surfaces.


Biodegradable, non-caustic, no bleach, or acid, safe on a wide range of surfaces, if children and pets are present, ensure surface is dry before reintroducing them to the treated area.

Maximum Economy

Normal Use

Highly concentrated for maximum economy. 1 litre makes 10 litres working solution, 5 litres make 50 litres working solution.                                                                                          

Heavy Contamination

1 litre makes 5 litres working solution, 5 litres make 25 litres working solution.                                                                                                                

Coverage: 25 litre working



NOTE - This product is potentially harmful to aquatic and plant life.

How To Use: Hydra DeGreen 

Apply diluted solution to area to be cleaned through a watering can with rose or spray bar or pump-up sprayer. Use on a dry day when no rain is expected for at least 5-6 hours.  Do not apply in strong sunlight. In summer months use late afternoon when sunlight is less intense. Results will start to be seen within 2-3 days. Do not rinse off, no need for scrubbing or pressure washing.


The best way to clean outdoor cushions is to brush the surface first to remove any loose dirt, then when cleaning outdoor cushions, spray solution over all surfaces and leave to dry, no need to rinse.


The best way to clean wooden garden furniture is to ensure that all loose debris has been brushed off and spray all surfaces with a diluted solution of Hydra DeGreen .


Brush away loose leaves, moss, and debris, then apply diluted solution to surface by sprayer or watering can and leave to dry, will also act as a composite deck cleaner.


Normal Use: Highly concentrated for maximum economy. 1 litre makes 10 litres working solution, 5 litres make 50 litres working solution.

Heavy Contamination: 1 litre makes 5 litres working solution, 5 litres make 25 litres working solution.

Coverage: 25 litre working solution up to 400²m.


Is this safe to use around animals?

Yes. We advise that you let the treated areas dry before you let your dog/cat near them.

Can I use this on the windows and frames of a conservatory?

Yes, Hydra DeGreen is suitable for both types of material.

Is it suitable for BBQ and hot tub covers?

Yes! You can clean off your garden covers with Hydra DeGreen , including hot tub and BBQ covers.

Can this be used on an ash felt roof?

Yes, DeGreen is suitable for ash felt roof material.

Can I use this on a marquee?

Yes, you can use DeGreen on a marquee.

Do I need to spray the area with water before I treated it?

No. All we advise you do is clear any debris such as leaves, twigs etc, before applying. Apply and leave it to work away. No need to rinse or scrub. We do however advise that you do this on a dry day, and in summer months, apply in the late evening when the sun is less intense.

Do you dilute this with water or use neat?

You will need to dilute Hydra DeGreen before use, for example,1 litre of Hydra DeGreen needs to be mixed with 10 litres of water.

Can this be used on tarmac?

Yes. If you have a tarmac driveway for example, Hydra DeGreen can be used to clean the green moss/algae away.

Can this be used on artificial grass?

Yes. Hydra DeGreen is safe to use on artificial grass and will not discolour it.

Can this be used to clean a tennis court?

Yes. Hydra DeGreen is ideal to clean surfaces such as tennis courts.

Can this be used on roof tiles?

Yes. You can apply Hydra DeGreen to your roof to clean your roof tiles and clear away the moss build up.

Can this be used on slate patio slabs? Will it discolour the slabs?

Yes, you can use Hydra DeGreen on any patio slabs and because we do not use bleach or acid with our formula, it will not discolour the slabs.

Will it discolour my outdoor cushions?

No. Hydra DeGreen doesn’t contains bleach or acid, therefore will not discolour or damage sensitive material such as textile on your cushions.

Can I use this on my metal and wood patio furniture?

Yes, both metal and wood furniture surfaces can be cleaned with Hydra DeGreen .

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Great product
Thursday, 15 July 2021  | 

Great product - simple to use and cleans brilliantly.
Cleaned my BBQ cover, garden parasol and fence panels with ease!

Recommend to anyone!


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Thursday, 8 July 2021  | 

Wow wow wow, what a transformation DeGreen has made to my fence panels! It looks like I've had a new fence fitted in my garden.
Easy to use and absolutely amazing results!
Told my friends to buy some, it's so good!

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful.