Hydra Devour (Grain size 0.5-2.0mm) For Fixed or Fluidised Bed Filters

Hydra Devour (Grain size 0.5-2.0mm) For Fixed or Fluidised Bed Filters
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  • Aquarium phosphate and silicate remover, Grain Size 0.5-2.0mm
  • Adsorptive removal of phosphate and silicate from water in aquariums
  • Use 0.5-2.0 - Filter Cartridges, Fixed or Fluidised Beds. 2-4mm - Filter Bags
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats 10,000 ltr fresh water, 5,000 ltr sea water

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Features and Advantages

  • Hydra Devour is a specially manufactured ferric hydroxide FeO(OH) granular material for aquatic systems.
  • Hydra Devour’s stabile form and reactivity remain under long term aqueous conditions
  • Hydra Devour rapidly removes phosphates, arsenic, copper, selenium, chromate and other heavy metals from aquatic water systems.
  • Hydra Devour’s unique nano-sized porous surface structure has over 250m²/g ensuring super efficient absorption in all applications and systems.
  • Hydra Devour is ideal for aquariums both small and large as well as ponds.
  • Absorption Capacity In fresh water Hydra Devour will absorb Phosphates 12-16g/kg, Heavy Metals 5-8g/kg.


Hydra Devour is a high-performing adsorption granulate based on iron hydroxide. It was specifically developed for adsorptive removal of phosphate and silicate from water in fresh and seawater aquariums and garden ponds.

Due to its large surface area of over 250m²/g, it can bind phosphate ions quickly, effectively and binds them irreversibly to the filter medium.

All of our production facilities are audited yearly to international standards and the special production and drying procedure of Hydra Devour makes it a very robust, stable, long lasting media and highly reactive to phosphates.

Whereas competitors use fine particles to achieve effectiveness, Hydra Devour is more effective not because of fine particles, but because of the nanosized porous internal structure and surface.

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