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Hydra Speed (Soap Scum Remover)
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Hydra Speed (Soap Scum Remover)

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  • Multipurpose cleaner with antibacterial disinfectant to clean and sanitize wet and dry areas. A popular product for multipurpose cleaning. A favourite with leisure industry (sports centres, clubs, health clubs, restaurants etc.) for over two decades.

Brand:  HYDRA

Features & Advantages

  • Effective daily use multipurpose cleaner with antibacterial properties.
  • Specially formulated for regular/daily cleaning of most surfaces including wooden floors, tiled floors, carpets, entrance matting, washroom areas, painted surfaces, sports equipment and more.
  • Speed is safe for daily use and does not damage floor seals.
  • Formulated for daily cleaning with recommended dilution. No need to rinse off unless applied in higher strength to clean heavy soiling or the cleaned surface is to be painted.
  • Removes body fat, dirt, soil etc. May be even used to remove light staining from carpets and upholstery fabric. Use as directed.
  • For weekly cleaning of wet areas use Hydra Flair.
  • Available in 5 litre foaming bottles.
  • Used by leisure/health industry for more than 20 years.

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Hydra Speed is a special formulation developed after extensive research. The product was created with focus upon the cleaning requirements of recreation/ health and leisure industry. Hotels, resorts, sports clubs and similar service providers have to maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitisation. They need a daily use cleaning product that does not damage expensive and decorative surfaces. In addition, the staff could not be bothered about using different product for different surfaces across the facility. Thus Hydra Speed comes in handy for providing excellent cleaning and disinfecting results on stone floors, wooden floors, tiles, paint work, walls, gym equipment, shower areas, washrooms, sinks and more. Hydra Speed may even be used to remove light stains on carpets, entrance matting, upholstery fabric etc.

Hydra Speed always provide excellent cleaning results upon multitude of surfaces including both wet and dry areas. The product effectively clears body fat, footwear dirt/soil from lobby, reception area, recreation area, poolside surfaces, washrooms etc. Hydra Speed also contain powerful components; the product therefore cleans and disinfects at the same time.

Controlled foaming properties (after dilution) of Hydra Speed requires lesser efforts while cleaning and rinsing. In some cases, just as while working with highly diluted product, rinsing is not even required.

Hydra Speed leaves a pleasant fragrance, lending a fresh and clean feel to the area after cleaning. Hydra Speed effective against harmful bacteria and virus responsible for causing skin disease such as verruca and athlete foot.

How To Use: Hydra Speed

Dilute Hydra Speed with water in given ratio to clean hard surfaces such as floors, walls, tiles, paintwork, toilets, showers and sink.

To work upon normal soiling: dilute upto 1:40 w/w. Mop or spray the surface with diluted solution of Hydra Speed. Rinse clean with water.

To work upon light soiling: dilute 1:60 w/w. Wipe or spray the surface with Hydra Speed solution. No rinsing required.

To work upon light spots on fabric or carpets: dilute 1:20 w/w. Use hand sprayer to target the spot. Rub the sprayed solution lightly over the stain. Allow to dry. Vacuum the carpet/fabric if required.

Precaution: Always test on a small area before treating the stain.

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